Talking Tom Hero Dash has just arrived as a brand-new endless runner game by the ones who made Talking Tom. Take a look at the trailer below:

Quick overview

Basically, the game has the exact formula as in Subway Surfers. Run through the streets, over and underneath obstacles in three different lanes.

Talking Tom Hero Dash
Talking Tom Hero Dash gameplay screenshots.

At the same time, there’re boosts and coins in the way available to collect. Coins are clearly to improve overall score as well as to unlock more items. Meanwhile, boosts include temporary perks to make you either earn more coins, run faster or earn more through subsequent runs.

Unlike Subway Surfers, Hero Dash does not involve meaningless upgrades. Instead, you spend money for the city, cleaning it up. All you have to do is to pay a particular amount of coins, Tom will then fly out to deal with nasty raccoons.

Raccoons are annoying

You might be wondering about the game’ plot, which happens to be very simple as well. There are a bunch of annoying raccoons are harming the environment out there. Hence, it’s Tom’s job to stop them and help the city. And by stopping them, it means keep running endlessly in the game.

Talking Tom Hero Dash
Run over the raccoons to take them down.

That's where the only unique mechanic of Talking Tom Hero Dash comes into play: Punching the raccoons. That sounds cool, but in practice it's extremely straightforward: Just keep running. There’re no button inputs or QTEs, you don’t even have the clock ticking either. Just run into a nasty raccoon and put a stop to it automatically.

In-game rewards feature new crates/loot boxes that offer gems, coins, and costume pieces. These special costumes will earn you bonus score while wearing them in the run.

Talking Tom Hero Dash
Talking Tom Hero Dash, for both Android and iOS.

So, that’s pretty much everything about Talking Tom Hero Rush. To be fair, while the game doesn't bring anything new to the genre, it functions well and is quite fun to play without any annoying IAPs.