There’s a fun canyon racing game that has been on the App Store for a month now, and it’s Scorcher, from Radiangames. For just $2.99 (Rs. 210), you’ll get to drive a ship, going at very high speed from a top-down perspective across endless desert canyons.

Scorcher - a new endless canyon racing game from Radiangames.

Scorcher gameplay

The deserts appear randomly and while piloting through, you have to destroy “sand sharks" and at the same time avoid huge sand worms in the sand. It gets crazy very soon and also super fun to play.

There is more than one canyon environment available for you to unlock and race through. Also, there are 3 different ships that you can unlock and pilot.

Behemoth mode

Especially, there’s a special mode called Behemoth to spice things up a little bit. After reaching a particular score milestone in each canyon, you’ll get to play as the sand worm yourself.

You know what to do, just casually try and devour as many “sand sharks” as possible in 2 minutes. It’s quite a unique mode to try out after spending hours grinding in the regular one.

Here's the Scorcher launch trailer:

New canyons, sand worms and more!

Earlier this week, a new update came out and added 2 brand-new canyons as well as sand worms. Additionally, a new obstacle – the rock pillar – is now in the game alongside wider open areas for the canyons.

Moreover, Radiangames added a new leaderboard marker for you to keep track of your competition. Also, don’t forget to check out the tweaks on how scoring works in the game.

Radiangames Scorcher
Radiangames has been famous for their Inferno and Slydris game franchises.

However, the most important news is that Radiangames has officially launched Scorcher for Android users. You can grab the available Android version right now via the Google Play Store. Similar to iOS, it just costs you $2.99 (Rs. 210) to start your endless canyon races right now!