Roughly a month ago, developer Radiangames announced Scorcher - a new top-down endless runner game in which you race down an infinite canyon while avoiding a giant sandworm and taking down sand sharks with the sole purpose of getting as far as you can.

This game bears some resemblance to Speed Demons, another previously announced game from Radian, but was intended to be simpler in terms of mechanics. At first, Scorcher was planned for release on February 14th, but obviously, we’re almost 2 weeks past that and the game is still nowhere to be seen. So what’s going on?

Scorcher Announce Trailer

Well, on February 8th, Radiangames published a blog post saying that they had expanded Scorcher beyond its original vision. Jumping is now included so now in addition to simply steering your vehicle, you can opt to jump over landmines as well.  A more notable addition is a brand new game mode named Behemoth after the giant sandworm that chases you in the game. As its name suggests, this mode lets you BE the Behemoth, and it has a time limit of 2 minutes.

During this period, you have to try to destroy as many mines and sand sharks as possible. Since you are literally huge, bumping into walls will not instantly lead to game over like in the regular mode. Instead, you’ll simply be slowed down a bit. With the addition of these new features, the developer has decided to increase the price of Scorcher by a dollar, setting it at $2.99 (Rs 210).

In the new and improved Scorcher, you get to be the sandworm instead of running away from it

So, about the delayed release, Radiangames provided an explanation in another blog post last week. The details are pretty long, but basically, there was some sort of complications with the App Store. The game is finished and has been submitted to Apple, now pending for review. Hopefully, it will be coming on March 7. Even if there is a further delay, it’s probably going to be for just another week. So, if you are interested, be sure to keep an eye out for more updates on the improved Scorcher!