Developer Oddrok is certainly one of the best when it comes to taking a somewhat simple idea and polish it into a fulfilling experience that fits perfectly on mobile devices. In the past, the studio has had several notable titles such as the hit platform/runner game Power Hover or the tap-based arcade puzzle DROP NOT!, all of which deserve a place on your phone.

Power Hover
Power Hover is an acclaimed title from Oddrok

Now, just less than a year since the release of Best Rally, its latest entry in the arcade racer genre, Oddrok has announced a brand new game: Glitch Run. With a retro atmosphere and a focus on simple one-touch platforming, this upcoming runner game aims to take things back to the basics. The game will be available on the App Store tomorrow, and you will be able to get it without spending a single penny.

Glitch Run Trailer

From what Oddrok shared, Glitch Run began as a minor side project but quickly turned into a full experience with 95 levels, all of which are handcrafted, as well as several different game modes. Usually it’s these passion projects that really show how creative a developer is, so it’s exciting to see how Glitch Run’s gameplay will evolve over the course of its lifespan.

Yes, specifically-made levels might mean the game’s longevity will be cut short, but they also make for a more appealing and memorable experience than just another endless runner. Also, looking at the track record from the developer, we can be pretty sure that Glitch Run will get more content updates post-launch. That’s not even mentioning the colorful particle effects that give the game an incredibly stylish look. In action, Glitch Run really lives up to its name.

Glitch Run
Colorful particle effects give the game a stylish look

But Glitch Run strives to achieve a lot more than just pleasing the eye, and given Oddrok’s backgrounds, we have reasons to believe that the game will deliver. If you are interested, look forward to its release on the App Store tomorrow, March 28.