The multiplayer platforming game SpeedRunners was one of the early titles that made a name for TinyBuild before the publisher became the powerhouse we know it as nowadays. Made by developer DoubleDutch Games based on one of its earlier Flash games, SpeedRunners is a multiplayer platformer in which as many as 4 players can compete against each other using grappling hooks. Originally released on Steam Early Access all the way back in 2013, it took over 2 years for the game to be fully polished and officially launched in 2016. A little more than a year later, in the summer of 2017, the game made its way to consoles and became an instant hit.

The game was an instant hit on Steam and Consoles

Since then, TinyBuild has participated in putting out several games across all platforms, but it seems the publisher is now returning to its roots. Recently, the company released SpeedRunners: Online PVP, a free version of the platformer created specifically for mobile devices. Currently, this mobile version doesn’t have an official trailer yet, but you can check out the launch trailer of the PC version below to see what SpeedRunners is about:

This is certainly exciting as ever since SpeedRunners turned multiplayer platforming into a trend, the mobile market has witnessed many games of similar nature, and it seems that the idea actually works very well on the touchscreen. Right now, SpeedRunners: Online PVP is soft-launched in Australia and is also looking for people to test it using Testflight. Hopefully, this call for testers implies that the game will be coming in the near future. So, even if you are not interested in participating in the beta tests, be sure to keep yourself updated on when SpeedRunners: Online PVP is coming. This is a game you definitely should not miss if you are a fan of platformers.