If you are a fan of the platform runner type of games, it is totally worth it to give Microbian a try. Featuring a lonely, little, yet consistent arachnid microbe as our main character, the game puts you in a perilous and deadly world which is entirely surrounded by shadow, full of creepy creatures, with vast beings ruling the night and dangerous horrors that lurk around every corner trying to kill you. You will have to struggle to survive.

This brand new indie game shares many similar elements with other famous platform runners such as Limbo or Inside. The scene is completely black and white, and combined with a bleak music tone, it really raises some insecure feeling, which is completely reasonable because everything in the game will not make it easy for you.

The scene of the game raises a bad omen as you keep discovering its dark world.

Microbian has a pretty simple gameplay. The arachnid microbe will run forward by default and you will only be responsible for jumping and more sophisticated moves. One thing to keep in mind that creepy creatures and danger will show up seemingly out of nowhere, and every one of them requires deft reflexes to avoid. Thus, you really need to concentrate as much as possible in order to survive.

In any case, it isn't only the horrible creatures that you need to stress over, but the environment is also really perilous. The dark world is continually changing, and you should adjust appropriately. Every trick should be helpful, try to keep running on the roof, swing on ropes, and taking advantage of the sophisticated terrain in order to continue going.

Microbian offers a free trial version on the App Store. However, if you want to play the complete game, you will need to buy it through an in-app purchase.

Check out the gameplay: