If you are a fan of the Talking Tom games, we have good news: Developer Outfit7 has officially confirmed that the next entry in this massively popular series, titled Talking Tom Hero Dash, is coming very soon.

On the other hand, for those who don’t know what it is, Talking Tom is an exhilarating superhero-themed endless runner game in which you embark on an adventure to save your friends and form the ultimate superheroes group – the Talking Tom Heroes.

Talking Tom Hero Dash Gameplay

Talking Tom and Friends is among the biggest franchises in the mobile game market, with titles spanning across several genres. And while Talking Tom Hero Dash is not Outfit7’s first take at the endless runner genre – that honor belongs to Talking Tom Gold Run – it aims to take things to another level by granting Tom and his pals superpowers.

Talking Tom Hero Dash 3
Utilize awesome powers to defeat the raccoons

As mentioned, the story revolves around the Talking Tom Heroes team, which consists of 5 characters: Talking Tom, Talking Ben, Talking Hank, Talking Ginger, and Talking Angela. Now, a pack of evil raccoons have been trying to destroy iconic landmarks across the world, capturing several members of Tom’s team in the process. As a result, at the beginning of the game you’ll only be able to control Tom. Your task is to guide him through the game’s 5 exciting worlds and combat the raccoon bosses presented at the end of each level.

Talking Tom
Unlock more characters as you progress

The actual gameplay will still focus on the familiar 3-lane endless runner mechanic, but this time, the experience is greatly improved with the addition of numerous gadgets and awesome superpowers. You can use them to run, jump, and fly your way across the stage, defeating raccoons and collecting coins in the process. Later on, you will unlock more playable characters, each of whom offers a unique playstyle.

Pre-registration for Talking Tom Hero Dash is scheduled to open tomorrow, the 15th of May! Stay tuned for more update!