What was originally intended to be a small two-month-long project between 2 indie developers in 2015 ended up ballooning into a huge project that lasted for two whole YEARS titled Pigeon Wings. Launched in August 2017, this is a side-scrolling racing game that is kind of like a hybrid between a cave flyer and a shoot ’em up, which was absolutely awesome. Unlike the majority of cave flyers out there on the market, Pigeon Wings is a stage-based game. However, a couple of months after the game’s release, due to much demand from fans, the developers went on to update it with a cool endless mode. Unfortunately, statistics from the developers showed that this new mode was hardly played by anyone. That is where Pigeon Wings STRIKE comes into play.

Pigeon Wings Was an interesting take on the cave flyer/shoot 'em up genre

You can think of Pigeon Wings STRIKE as a brand new full-fledged endless sequel to Pigeon Wings. This upcoming game is going to have everything that the developers had wanted to put in the endless mode of the original game but did not have enough time to do so. There will be several new characters that you can unlock throughout the course of the game, such as the hotshot hamster Cunningham and Presto, a fish out of water (No, literally, he is a fish, but instead of swimming he’ll be flying across the sky on a plane). The game will also feature a local multiplayer mode so you can play with your friends.

Pigeon Wings STRIKE beta trailer

Last but not least, Pigeon Wings STRIKE is going to add more enemies, more layout, more achievements, basically more everything.

Even though no specific release date has been announced yet, the developers are looking for some beta testers to help polish the game and get rid of any potential issues. This suggests that it is going to launch very soon, so keep yourself updated if you are interested.