Sigono, the same studio behind The Day We Found Earth and OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, has announced its next project. Not a lot of details are available at the moment but it is currently codenamed Project River. A teaser has been revealed as well, which you can check out right below:

Sigono’s games have a tradition of being story-focused, aiming to deliver emotional and memorable moments, so we can expect this upcoming title to be the same. Its narrative revolves around a star system called the Thousands Valley, which has been ravaged by a war over its valuable sources of energy – or “dragon veins” as they are dubbed.

Even though the area is desolated at this point, legends still put it that ancient treasures can be found buried deep down somewhere. This prompts many intrepid adventurers to venture here to see if fortune will smile upon them. That’s basically all we know so far.

Project River
The teaser gives us a glimpse at the character designs

The teaser does give us a glimpse at what to expect in terms of character designs and general aesthetics. If you've played any of Sigono's past works, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that everything looks super lovely.

If you haven’t, then we highly recommend that you do. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers, for instance, is a touching adventure with a lot of depth that’s available right now on both Google Play and the App Store for free. Don’t hesitate to take it out for a spin while waiting for Project River.

Project River Ios Android Featured
The game is looking very promising from what we have seen

From what’s been revealed, Project River is still in its early development stages, so we probably won’t be hearing about a release date anytime soon. There’s no information on which platforms it’ll be available on either, but given that all of Sigono’s previous games have been for both Android and iOS, we have reasons to expect that this one will be as well.