Coming from developer Tiny Touch Tales, Maze Machina is an upcoming puzzle game that’s set to launch “very soon” for both Android and iOS. If you are not familiar with Tiny Touch Tales, it has been responsible for many stellar games over the years. Enyo and Card Crawl, for example, are a couple of awesome titles the team has created.

As a result, we have reasons to look forward to Maze Machina’s arrival with anticipation, especially since the game comes with a clockwork-themed visual style that’s just enthralling. We first reported on this one back in June 2019 when it was entering beta. Back then, the developer promised that the game would be launching later that year, however, it seems there has been a slight delay. In any case, the full release should be just around the corner now.

Maze Machina
A lovely clockwork-themed visual style

In terms of gameplay, Maze Machina is a turn-based puzzler with swipe-based controls. The protagonist is an anthropomorphic rodent that’s been trapped in a clockwork labyrinth. It is now up to you to guide our little hero to the way out using the tools you’ll come across.

The labyrinth is presented as a 4x4 grid with several different tile types, an exit, a door that leads out, a key to unlock that door, and enemies blocking the way. The goal of each level, as you can probably guess, is to find a way to get the key and then use it to unlock the door and escape.

Maze Machina
Your goal is to find the key and use it to open the escape door

Since the game is turn-based, you'll have to see several steps ahead and plan your moves carefully, deducting which directions the enemies will move and whether they would interfere with your own movements. The tiles themselves are another factor you must take into consideration as each of them offers weapons, traps, and other things that can potentially help you out.

Maze Machina will be launching for both Android and iOS in the near future. It will be a premium title priced at $1.99 (Rs 140), which means no ads or IAPs will be present.