Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron is an upcoming top-down shooter for mobile that’s set in an alternate reality version of the World War II. The game is expected to launch later this year for both Android and iOS, and it’ll be the Extended Edition that comes with the Nebelgeschwader DLC included. Check out its trailer below:

The main story will have you fending off an invasion of the German force into the US territory. Across the span of 25 stages, you will fight alongside your valiant crew to push them back. There will be several large-scale bosses to put your aerial combat skills to the test, and interestingly, the narrative will be told through cutscenes that are fully voice-acted.

Each member of your squad possesses a unique skill tree that you can invest points in to increase their power. During battles, you'll be able to give them commands. Needless to say, teamwork and strategy will be key to overcoming the enemies, which gets more and more formidable as you progress. Squad members allegedly have their own personalities as well, though we are not sure whether that will have an impact on the gameplay or the story. It’d be cool if this feature is implemented enough so that you can actually feel a connection with them throughout the game.

Aces Of The Luffwwaffe
Work with your squad to fend off the German invasion

In any case, when you’ve finished the campaign and brought victory to the Allies, it’ll be time to jump into the Nebelgeschwader DLC to see things from the perspective of the Axis pilots. Again, there will be 25 missions of increasing difficulty to play through, where you’ll try your best to destroy the American forces. However, later on you might realize you’re making a mistake and maybe even have a change of heart.

Aces Of The Luffwwaffe 2
Plenty of levels to play through

Aside from the new levels, the DLC also offers plenty of other additional content including new planes to unlock, skills to acquire, and bosses to defeat.

If Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron sounds interesting to you, you can head over to Google Play and the App Store to pre-register for it right now.