In order to create a game that only rotates around the rights and experience of the community, developers do not only need kind and brave hearts, but also a respectable amount of financial support too. Online games nowadays will find almost every way to stuff microtransactions in to help developers pull out money from player's pockets.

So, that idea sounds very silly, to the point that it is nearly unsuitable for a developer to follow this vision since it won't give them money back very soon. But that's what the indie developer Frontwire Studios has been doing with their newest third-person shooter project: Galaxy in Turmoil!

Galaxy in Turmoil is a dystopian team-based shooter that takes heavy inspiration from Star Wars: Battlefront 3. Frontwire Studios has teased some images of the game at the start of this month, but only started its Kickstarter campaign yesterday. In order to give gamers more experience before trying, they've dropped a new trailer as well as a whole new free demo for you to dive in. Let's watch the trailer below first:

The story of Galaxy in Turmoil

Galaxy in Turmoil tells the fictional story of the relentless conflicts between two of the most powerful side of the universe. They are the Vori Federation - the ones composed of armies from thousands of planets, and Comm Industries - the single but large-scale defense technology corporation that dominates all other competitors in the galaxy.

Comm Industries and Vori Federation are fighting over the total control of the cosmic landscape, and the key leading to the final victory is a mass destruction weapon - namely the Panzu Egg. The Comm's ambition has taken its to the hunt, and Vori Federation wants to stay in the battle, so they've no other choices than put their hands on it first.

Galaxy In Turmoil Free Demo Kickstarter 3
The fight for the Panzu Eggs happens in all planets in the universe

The Panzu Eggs scatters around the universe, and everywhere there are signs of them, there are wars between the two opposing sides. Conflicts take place in almost every planet in the galaxy, and both Vori and Comm's troops will not spare anything to claim the weapons, or else, they'll have to encounter extreme annihilation.

Galaxy In Turmoil Free Demo Kickstarter 4
How will the world lasting for generations end?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned earlier, Galaxy in Turmoil is a team-based third-person shooter that puts you into the deadly fights in outer space. Every battle will feature up to 64 players, 32 for each team to continuously invading on the enemy's base, blowing things off and steal the necessary stuff.

Galaxy In Turmoil Free Demo Kickstarter 5
Galaxy in Turmoil is 32vs32 shooter

The special thing about this game is the class-based mechanic, where both the Vori and the Comm will employ soldiers in four classes. They are Ranger, Engineer, Demolitionist, and Assasin, and each of them has their own weapons and playstyle. For example, the Demolitionist that is special in explosives and heavy-power cannons, or there is the assassins is useful for scouting and stealth actions.

Galaxy In Turmoil Free Demo Kickstarter 1
There are four classes with different specialties in this game

You'll choose your classes before heading to each battle, but your classes will not decide which role you'll play in your team. It's still best to make use of what your classes are good at, but in some situations, you'll have to work for your team's sake, whether to fight in the frontline or make a raid into ruins. 32 players will have to work in tandem to secure the final victory.

Galaxy In Turmoil Free Demo Kickstarter 2
Galaxy in Turmoil has four eSports-ready play modes

Free demo available on Steam

Galaxy in Turmoil has just launched its Kickstarter campaign, and its goal is to reach $5,00,000 in 25 days. In order to attract more pledgers, there is a free demo version of the game, where you can already step in and play with other online players all over the world.

With a lot of game modes that support competitive plays: Invasion, Team Deathmatch, Siege and Domination, the game's future as an eSports title is very bright. And it's even brighter considering the fact that Galaxy in Turmoil will be completely free-to-play without any pay-to-win mechanics. That's a game that I'll pledge for!