Pearl Abyss just announced more details about the gameplay and images of their upcoming MMO shooter title, Plan 8. With this game, the studio aims for a revolution in the shooter genre. The game will introduce a large open world with unique features that distinguish it from other games in the genre. You can check out the trailer of Plan 8 below.

Into the game, players will get to wear an exosuit that enhances their power and give them different abilities. There are different kinds of gears for you to choose from, which opens up endless possibilities in the game. Some exosuits will counter others. You need to keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each suit to come up with a suitable plan for your battle.

Plan 8 Screenshot 3 10e0_wm
Players will be equipped with an exosuit that enhances their abilities

Take advantage of our strength and the terrain around you will give you the upper hand in battle. For example, if your suit has enhanced arms, you will be able to climb walls easily, while enhanced legs will help you jump on top of walls and buildings.

Plan 8 Official Reveal Trailer 0 44 Screenshot D10e_wm
There are various kinds of weapons with unlimited customizability

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Take advantage of your strength to interact with the environment

The weapon system of Plan 8 also gives players lots of options and diversities. You can upgrade your weapon, or customize it any way you want. The only limit is your imagination.

Plan 8 Official Reveal Trailer 1 10 Screenshot C03e_wm
Each suit will give you a special different ability

With the participation of Ming Le (the co-creator of Counter-Strike) and Seungki Lee ( the environment art director of Black Desert), Plan 8 is promised to be a big hit when it comes out.

Plan 8 is currently under development for PC and consoles. The release date for the game is not available yet. We will update you with any further information about the game as soon as possible.