People have long recognized Amazon as a giant seller in the industry, but little know that it has recently established Amazon Games - a special organization that aims to make the name of Jeff Bezos's company remembered in the gaming industry. And its most awaited title - New World - has an official release now after its announcement in The Game Awards 2019!

New World is a survival MMORPG that was previously leaked in 2018 on a site that you'd never expect: the porn giant Pornhub! That's definitely not a good platform to tease about your games, so that leak is more of a meme than a reveal.

But now, Amazon has officially stood up and introduced their most ambitious gaming project - New World very proudly, and it's coming to you in May 2020. Below is the trailer of the game for this event, and you can have a look at its gameplay and visuals:

The concept of the New World

According to Amazon Games, New World takes the historical settings of "Age of Exploration" in the 17th century. At its previous leak, the developer emphasized more on the colonizing progress and imperialism, but from the latest trailer, we see that it has changed toward the fantasy settings more.

To be more specific, you'll become an adventurer to explore the new island Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. The land is under the control of the current wicked empire - The Corrupted, and you'll have to turn it over and become the true conqueror of this newfound home.

New World Amazon Mmorpg Release Date 2
Play as a conqueror on this newfound island

Aeternum lies a lot of mystery for you to unveil, but on your way, you'll have to compete with the dangers from both nature such as monsters and exotic environment and from other adventurers as well. The glory and power are waiting for you ahead, and you are the one to write your own heroic story!

New World Amazon Mmorpg Release Date 6
Explore the mysteries on the island and build your own empire

Gameplay features

New World - as an MMORPG - contains many common features of the genre, including a content-rich world, series of quests, and satisfying battles. To be more specific, under the ground of Aeternum lies a long-lived evil that has prepared for its wicked plan of wiping away every human being on the shores. Many has tried to stop him but in vain, and you'll become the next one to take this challenge.

The game provides a lot of character's skills and weapons, which you can choose your own combination to match your own playstyle. They vary from melee weapons like sword, axes, spears to the long-range magical ones like arcane or staff. Its combat styles are quite similar to the modern MMO likes TERA with the aim mechanics and skill chains, rather than the classic like World of Warcraft.

New World Amazon Mmorpg Release Date 1
The game features a wide range of weapons and skills

Your stats will increase every time you level up, but in order to find good weapons, you'll have to discover ancient ruins to get some materials, and then use them to forge a weapon with a blacksmith in the safe zones. You can upgrade your weapons in the future as well, which might cause a tough decision of replacing the old upgraded ones and the new ones with higher levels.

Speaking about the combats, the game encourages players to join clans and fight alongside your comrades in large-scale battles. A maximum of 100 players can join in one clan-level combats, and how you use your unique ability to aid your team is going to decide whether you'll get the final victory or not.

New World Amazon Mmorpg Release Date 3
Large-scale battles are the focal point of Amazon's MMORPG

Last but not least, you can also help your clan outside of the battles, especially with the task of building your own powerhouse. You can take care of the crafting progress, help with trading, hunting dangerous beasts for food and materials, collecting loots for upgrades or become the leader that will keep an eye on every activity of your clan.

Release date

Amazon Games will officially launch New World in May 2o20, but there's no specific date announced at this moment.

New World Amazon Mmorpg Release Date 5
New World is coming for PC in May 2020, pre-order now to get access to beta stage in April

However, if you're interested in the game's concept, you can pre-order it on Steam now at the price of $39.99.