The biggest name of the team-based first-person shooter in the industry right now is CS: GO, but Valve should be noticed about Ironsight. Specifically, it's a new game with a similar concept, but owning a wider range of customization for the weapons as well as other things to control aside from your guns as well.

The 'ultimate free first-person shooter' - that's what the developer Wiple Games and the publisher Aeria Games described their most ambitious title. And through the first footages of the game in the trailer, they definitely have the reasons to call it so. You can see how completed the beta version of Ironsight in that trailer below:

The concept of Ironsight

Ironsight takes the settings of a futuristic world, where the world has been devastated by a natural catastrophe, leaving behind a lot of negative consequences. Oil has now completely evaporated after the disaster and is no longer sufficient to provide power for cities and facilities.

However, humankind has come across with another alternative, Trinitium. It does not only temporarily solve the Earth's power crisis, but also grants human access to advanced technology, end up giving birth to drones and other equipment for the military as well.

Ironsight Free To Play Beta Steam 1
The world is fighting over the last natural resource on Earth

But then, problems rise again, as Trinitium is the last natural resource remaining, and it's not unlimited. Hence, the two major factions - the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) and the North Atlantic Federation (NAF) now have to fight endlessly on potentially the last battle on Earth to gain control over the last sources of Trinitium.

Bringing modern equipment and weapons to battlefields scattering all over the world, blasting your opponents away to take over the Trinitium!

Ironsight Free To Play Beta Steam 2
Fight against other groups with the help of advanced technology

Gameplay features

According to the developer, Ironsight is a modern first-person shooter that was built on the base of Iron Engine with innovative gameplay. From the first look at the trailer, it looks very similar to Valve's FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but the title from Wiple Games certainly has some special features under its sleeve.

To be more specific, Ironsight provides over 100 weapons, and all of them are customizable. The weapons range from all of the kinds that you've known: pistol, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and more. However, all of those guns were remake to match the concept of a dystopian world, and players can also change them to whatever colors and patterns you love.

Ironsight Free To Play Beta Steam 8
Customize how your weapons will look

The guns are not the only thing that's customizable in this game, as you can also make changes to your character as well. However, you might not want to make your soldier too colorful because you might become the targets of the other team. This happens especially with certain types of maps with specific weather conditions.

The war zones and climate conditions are not only there for the visuals, but they can actually affect how you'll approach each game. In detail, there are more than 14 distinctive combat zones that take the inspiration from real-world locations, and the developer has stuffed in those maps with the interactive environment and destructible route.

Ironsight Free To Play Beta Steam 7
Blow up the destructible environments to craft a new path

But above all, the things that elevate the tactical level of this game are the drones and advanced artillery. Players are equipped with a drone that provides a lot of functions: scouting, raining fires or dropping mechs to enhance gunfires. That's the features that will separate Ironsight from the current FPS in the industry, but whether it's suitable for an eSports title is still a huge question.

Ironsight Free To Play Beta Steam 5
The drones provide a lot of help

Out now for Steam

The publisher Aeria Games is very excited to announce that Ironsight is now available at Beta state on Steam, which everyone can join in for free.

Ironsight Free To Play Beta Steam 3
You can try Ironsight on Steam for free

Everyone interested in this innovative FPS has to create a free Aeria Games account and link it to your Steam account to get into the battle for Trinitium. Are you ready?