Nitro Games, the same studio responsible for titles such as Medals of War and Heroes of Warland, is now cooking up another shooter game for mobile. This new offering is named Lootland, and it’ll reportedly arrive sometime in 2020.

Not a lot of details about the game are available at the moment. All we have so far is the trailer included below and a few screenshots. Nitro has described Lootland as a 'super-casual' co-op mobile shooter in which you'll team up with other players to survive wave after wave of enemies. From that description, this seems like a strongly PVE-focused title.

Based on the screenshots, we can assume that Lootland will feature several heroes as well as a wide variety of weapons to play with. The gameplay, meanwhile, seems reminiscent of the likes of Archero where you simply drag your finger across the screen to move your character around and he/she will automatically shoot at enemies whenever not moving.

Lootland Ios Android Featured F7c9_wm
It seems there will be several heroes to play as

The monsters you defeat on the battlefield will yield tons of loot for you to pick up, which can then be spent on upgrading your weapons and other items. And once you’ve acquired decent enough gear from all the plundering, you'll be able to tackle the more challenging stages that the game has to offer.

Lootland 5b39_wm
The gameplay is reminiscent of Archero, and you'll have access to several different weapons

All things considered, this sounds like a promising premise, especially if you're fond of games such as Archero. I personally do, but that’s because I love the insane difficulty that Archero brings to the table. If Lootland opts to go for a more “casual” approach as the developer described, it could end up being a mindless monster-slaying fest that’ll get repetitive and boring quickly. We shall have to wait and see, of course.

Lootland is planned for a 2020 launch, though no exact release date is confirmed as of yet. It’s unclear which platforms it’ll be available on either, but judging from Nitro’s past works, we can expect it on both Android and iOS. Stay tuned for more updates!