Developer KillHouse Games’ excellent title Door Kickers: Action Squad is set to blast its way onto the Android and iOS platforms in early 2020. In this action-packed multiplayer shooter, you’ll step in the shoes of a crack SWAT operative who is deployed to lay siege to hostile strongholds and rescue hostages. Check out the game’s trailer below:

If the name KillHouse sounds familiar to you, then perhaps you’ve heard of the original Door Kickers, which launched all the way back in 2014. That one was a top-down strategy game that was also highly praised, where you’d make plans and then carry out several intense sieges. Action Squad opts for a much faster, more aggressive gameplay, as well as a new pixelated art style that we think looks awesome.

At launch, Door Kickers: Action Squad will feature 6 playable characters for you to choose from, each offering their own playstyle and upgrade path. There is also a huge collection of over 40 powerful weapons and items to try out across the 84 non-linear stages.

Door Kickers Action Squad Switch Artwork Key Art 4017_wm
The game offers 6 playable characters with unique playstyles and upgrade paths to choose from

The levels are kept fresh thanks to the dozens of enemy types that you shall have to deal with. Additionally, missions are categorized into 4 distinct types as well. The Switch version of the game also comes with online co-op systems that make things even more fun, though it is unclear whether the mobile release will support this feature.

Door Kickers Action Squad Switch Screenshot Train Ea9b_wm
There are over 40 weapons and items to test out across 84 stages full of enemies

Door Kickers: Action Squad will launch for mobile early next year, though no exact release date has been confirmed at the moment. If you can’t wait until then to enjoy it on your phone, you can also find the Switch version available for purchase on the Switch eShop.