Coming from Korean developer GamePple, we have a new run-n’-gun shooter game for mobile titled Valkyria Shooter. The interesting part here is that rather than charging straight into the action as you usually do in games of this type, you'll be running away from the enemies while shooting backward at them. Check out its trailer below:

The game offers 6 dungeons with over a thousand stages for you to run and shoot your way through. There are also 4 different difficulty levels ranging from Normal to Hell, so those who are looking for some extra challenges can certainly find them here.

Valkyria Shooter Fb68_wm
6 dungeons, over a thousand stages, and 4 different difficulty levels to play through

Some RPG elements have been included here too, allowing you to upgrade your characters as you progress with several items, artifacts, and servants. This allows for many party combinations, and you are encouraged to experiment around to find one that suits you the most.

In total, Valkyria Shooter offers 25 types of servants as well as 27 artifacts to gather. Collecting all of these will allow the Goddess Freya to assemble a powerful Knight Order to actually combat against the vicious monsters. She will be accompanied by her 5 loyal Valkyrias on this quest, which are the 5 characters that you can choose to play as.

Valkyria Shooter 2 Ee83_wm
Some RPG elements are included with dozens of servants and artifacts to collect along the way

Everything is presented in a cute cartoony art style that gives the game a bright, casual vibe. This is probably a deliberate decision from the developer, who aims to deliver a simple and accessible experience.

Valkyria Shooter 3 D466_wm
Everything is presented in a cute cartoony art style

Valkyria Shooter is already available for Android at the moment with an iOS version set to follow in the near future. This is a free-to-play title with IAPs included.