If the casual first-person shooting games have got on your nerve recently, here comes a unique one to blow a fresh wind to the genre. X019 has seen a lot of great games, but none of them give me such goosebump like West of Dead. It's a shooter with Western vibes but in the world of the dead, and it looks hell-a-awsome!

West of Dead is the brainchild from the developer Upstream Arcade and will come out for Xbox One through the hands of the publisher Raw Fury. Below is the reveal trailer for the game, which you can have a look to see how cool your shooting and dodging actions in this game are:

The story of West of Dead

West of Dead takes the settings of the dark world of Hell with some vibes of the previous Western times. The story starts with the old-school story-telling style - Purgatory, Wyoming, 1888. To be more specific, you'll take control of a dead cowboy - William Mason, diving in the underworld with gunfire, sin, man-eating creatures and witches from cultural beliefs and folklores.

West Of Dead Is The Twin Stick Shooter With Cool A
William Mason is the main character of West of Dead

He has just died and now has turned to a Ghost Rider-like cowboy with a burning head and a red scarf on his neck. Getting into this Purgatory without having any memory after his death, William now will set on a journey through a series of events that will turn mystical very soon.

West Of Dead Is The Twin Stick Shooter With Cool A
You'll meet a lot of intriguing figures from ancient beliefs and folklores

What will he encountered under this chaotic world where souls pass through?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, West of Dead is a twin-stick shooter game, in which William Mason wields double shotguns on his hands and will have to put his cowboy skills into a real test. The underworld of Purgatory is procedurally-generated, consists of many dangerous creatures that vary from many kinds, such as the gun-shooting ones and the melee sinned ones.

Amidst this chaos, William will try his best to outgun his enemies. That's where West of Dead stands out from other twin-stick shooters. Controling the main character from a top-down perspective, you'll have to simultaneously take cover and return fire without getting hit. You can use the coffins and other objects around the areas to stay behind and pick the right time to pop out and shoot them down.

West Of Dead Is The Twin Stick Shooter With Cool A
Take cover carefully before firing your enemies

The combats in this game occur very often, which are also fast-paced and tough. You only have your own and the two guns, while the enemies go in packs. Hence, you won't be able to stick your burning head in recklessly but have to carefully response to every situation. This comes even more important at boss battles, as the bosses are very big and powerful, to the point that they can blow off your cover with only one strike.

West Of Dead Is The Twin Stick Shooter With Cool A
Be careful with the bosses' attacks

The unique cover system, together with Western countryside music and the dark but detailed visuals, West of Dead easily caught my radar and will satisfy the most-demanding shooter fans.

Release date and supported platforms

West of Dead will come out for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2020. However, no specific release date has been announced by Raw Fury.

And to make up for us, the publisher is running an open-beta test for Xbox One. It will last until November 25, and if you luckily have an Xbox One, don't hesitate to try your luck to have some early experience before buying the full game.

West of Dead will also be available for PC via Xbox Game Pass in the future, so stay tuned to Gurugamers to catch the latest information when the game comes out. Enjoy!