The modern gaming world often uses in-game footage or cinematic scenes to tease their game for players. That's a great effort to attracts players, but the more we see these kinds of trailers, the more bored you will be.

So why don't express the idea of the game via a live-action video? This is what the developer MiloSoft has done with his new quirky shooter - Hissy Fight. It's a game where you will use your guns to shoot out the snakes that the developer hates a lot!

The funny things about this game don't only come from its gameplay and visuals, but also from the best low-budget trailer I've seen so far. We invited you - the snake haters - to watch this trailer with us below:

The concept of Hissy fight

Hissy Fight takes the concept of a surreal world, where the snakes have become the biggest threat on Earth. They've figured out how to pilot tanks, jet planes as well as other military weapons, and will throw them at its worst enemies - human. Not the slithering animals that you used to freak out when seeing them anymore since they're much more dangerous now.

Hissy Fight Snake Shooter 4
The snakes throw dangerous military weapons at you

You will step in this world as a lone snake hater - namely Sloane Nake Heydar ('snake hater' with a fancy saying). Using your gun, you'll have to stand against hordes of snakes and their weapons. And since they're not going to stop until they take you out, so why should you stay back either!

Hissy Fight Snake Shooter 1
The hate for snake is best described by a hilarious live-action video from the developer!

Gameplay features

Hissy Fight is a retro-style shooter, where you have to shoot down the disgusting green slithering enemies throwing dangerous weapons at you. The snakes outnumber you by a ton, and to make up for it, you have incredibly fast speed, allowing you to dodge them, keep your distance and shoot them to meet.

Hissy Fight Snake Shooter 2
The game's very fast-paced with the movement speed from your character

The satisfying feature of this shooter is that your gun can shoot unlimitedly since there's neither ammunitions nor reload times. With this feature, you can mindlessly shoot at your most terrifying enemies, and protect yourselves from armies of them.

Hissy Fight Snake Shooter 3
You can shoot the hell out of those snakes as you want!

But that doesn't mean you can afford to continue shooting without any threats, as you can only withstand 3 bites from the serpent. Your health will be illustrated by the two eyes on the guns, and if all of those eyes close, you should be dodging and try to loot extra health packs on the map.

Hissy Fight Snake Shooter 5
Find the red cubes to get more lives

Its concept is very simple: You hate snakes, you kill them. But its gameplay is very satisfying and enjoyable, which you can take into your collection if you can't stand those green serpent.

Hissy Fight is now available on at the price of $3.00.