A few days ago, Team17 and Veewo Games has just released a free demo for Neon Abyss, an upcoming roguelike action-platformer. You can check out the trailer of Neon Abyss below.

Into the game, you will be playing as a member of "Grim Squad" - a team made by Hades to break into the Abyss and destroy the New Gods. You will die here, that is no doubt. But death is not the end. You will come back to life every time and find yourself get stronger than before.

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Combine different items to get different effects

The dungeons in Neon Abyss are procedurally generated and choices made by you will change how the in-game world works. The game features endless combinations of item synergies with a unique experience each run. Players can also freely change to the outlook of their characters as they want.

While fighting your way through dungeons, you might encounter different mini-games or eggs that will give pets to assist your journey with unique abilities.

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Take part in mini-games along the way to get loot

Key feature:

  • More than 400 items, each with a different passive that can be combined to create a new effect. Everything can work, nothing is limited.
  • For each run, you can expand new rooms, discover more items, bosses, even new rules and endings.
  • Accompany you on the journey through the Abyss are pets that you can find along the way. They can help you with various things using their special abilities. They will also grow over time.
  • There will be mini-games along the way for you to take a break from slaying monster. Stop by for a while to get some loot and relax. The longer you can stay alive, the more interesting mini-games will be.
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Unlock more items, rooms, even bosses and endings

Neon Abyss is now under development and will be available next year for PC (Steam) and consoles.

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