Mad King is an endless battleground that you can join any time you want and quit any time you like. The game is developed by Hero Blocks ApS and will be coming out later this year. Let first take a look at the trailer of Mad Machines.

Each match can have up to 8 players fighting each other in a free-for-all brawler arena. The fighters in these matches are player-controlled robots that have extremely high firepower, customizability and hotrod styled.

Are you ready to smash enemies into pieces, eat them and take the crown? The more you kill and feed, the more you grow and get stronger.

You will get to join an endless brawler arena

Mad Machines will first have to through an Early Access period. It has the potential, but it is now incomplete and still has a lot of room for improvement. The developer will make use of the Early Access to gather feedback from players to reach the high standards they are aiming for. The full version of the game is going to have much more content for players to enjoy. Specifically, there will be more new characters, ways to customize your characters, custom game modes, and tournaments.

Madmachines Screenshot 1920 6 No Logos
More content will come in the future

Mad Machines will be coming out for PC through Steam on  November 11 this year. You can pre-order the game now through the home page of Mad Machines for $9.99 and get 1 more copy of the game for free. This offer will end on November 10.

Pre Order
You can pre-order now and get a free extra key

The full version of Mad Machines will be released sometime in Q1 2020. That being said, the developer said that they will try to keep the lanch schedule flexible so they can have enough time to complete the game based on user feedback.