Makers of Chernobylite actually visited and did experiments on Chernobyl’s exclusion zone

As what its developers have to say, Chernobylite has a special feature: A 3D recreation of the Chernobyl’s exclusion area built based on the real-life set up of this nuclear disaster in 1986.

Chernobylite can now be download from Early Access. As one might have expected, it is a role-playing game with the context of a post-apocalyptic situation. The game is produced by The Farm 51 (TF51), which is also the Polish studio that recently published World War 3 earlier this October. As TF51 noted, the Chernobylite’s map is built based on the actual 3D-scanned of the real exclusion area which is, needless to say, huge.

The map is built upon actual 3D scans of the area

The Farm 51 also said that it was almost impossible for anyone to enter each and every room in all those buildings, for the area is about 1000 square miles or more. This is the reason why they tried to scan as many places as they could, but they’ll shape the zone's final design together with the players’ community.

After the Chernobyl disaster happened 33 years ago, its exclusion area was marked near Ukraine and a USSR’s state. Tourists are now allowed to visit this area, and the Chernobyl tour is often carried out by Ukrainian companies. There, tourists can find remnants and ruins of lives that are demised in the event of the 4th Chernobyl reactor explosion on 26th April 1986. What funny is that a considerable number of video games tried to replicate the post-apocalyptic scene without knowing that there’s actually a place like that on our Earth.

There's actually a post-apocalyptic place on Earth

The GSC Game World – a Ukrainian studio has earlier used this exclusion zone as the background of their shooter/survival-horror games – STALKER series. The area has also been referred to in some other sci-fi games and stories too, such as the recent HBO’s “Chernobyl” miniseries. As what The Farm 51 has to say, Chernobylite is built with different paths leading to different endings, meaning that if players reach one ending in Early Access, that’s not the end, for there are many alternative endings await for you.

The current version of Chernobylite is said to include real Exclusion Zone’s scans, not to mention interesting and intriguing gameplay events, story characters, quests and mechanics for players. The game is available now on Steam with a price of $29.99.