Continues its success from the PC release, Mable & The Wood is heading to Nintendo Switch. It's an action-adventure game with beautiful pixel graphics, which allows you to finish your missions by either saving the forest or destroying the world.

Below is the trailer of the game for this Switch launch, which you can have a look to see how good it is to be a shapeshifter:

Will you banish the darkness, or will you become it?

That's the tagline that the developer Triplevision Games has put on Mable & The Wood official website. To make it clear, let's see what will happen in this game.

The game takes the settings of a fantasy world, where you'll play as Mable to follow the ancient prophecy. It told you that you will slay the giant beasts in the forest, put on their shape and use their abilities to protect this dying world. Those are great words to hear, so you won't hesitate a little bit getting on your own adventure.

Mable And The Wood Launch For Switch 5
Mable is very excited to use her power to save the world

However, as the prophecy took place a long time ago, so what if it's not correct anymore? The further you use your power, the more you're finding that you're stepping into the route to become the darkness that is killing this world.

The poor little girl now has to make a difficult choice: to continue using her power to kill everyone, or try to rescue the world without killing anyone?

Mable And The Wood Launch For Switch 4
What will be your decision?

Gameplay features of Mable & The Wood

Mable & The Wood is a Metroidvania action-adventure game, which puts you into the shoes of Mable. It's hard to tell your main quest is, since Mable didn't even know what she is doing for now. She might be following the prophecy to save the world, but her power might accidentally kill everyone.

Let's talk about her power first. Unlike other Metroidvania games, Mable can't just run, jump and kill monsters with her normal human form. She must use her beast forms to attack those creatures and get through the challenges.

Mable And The Wood Launch For Switch 3
You can't deal with the giant creatures with your human form

For example, you can use the spider form to shoot sticky web for moving or use the mole form to dig through destructible environments. However, you can only stay in the beast forms for a limited amount of time, and you can lengthen it by killing a creature. The more bosses you slay, the more forms you'll get to transform into.

Mable And The Wood Launch For Switch 6
The more bosses you slay, the more forms you can turn into

But how can you get the first form? You'll use a magical sword that's needlessly heavy to lift. Mable can turn into a fairy, put the sword down at a place, and jump through the enemies. The remaining task is very simple: call your sword back to you, and it will cut through everyone standing in its path.

Mable And The Wood Launch For Switch 1
This is how you use your needlessly heavy sword to deal with little monsters

It sounds very interesting and addictive at first. But waits, let's come back to the story. You're trying to save this dying world, not to make it faster! Hence, you'll be careful with your killing spree if you're really trying to be a good girl. Mable & The Wood allows you to complete the whole game without killing anyone, but this route is much more difficult.

Mable And The Wood Launch For Switch 7
There's a non-violent way to save this world

Whether to follow the cult or your own heart - that depends on your choices. The game has multiple endings, which are waiting for you to unveil!

Released date and supported platforms

Mable & The Wood is coming for Nintendo Switch today, and you can grab it with a 10% discount. PC gamers interested in this game can also touch it by purchasing through Steam.

Both PC and Switch versions' price is $14.99, but if you buy this game on eShop right now, it's only $13,49.