Renegade Sector Games has announced their new Metroidvania title - And All Would Die Aware. That's name might be too hard to understand, but don't worry, you won't need to anyway. All you need to do is figuring out how the game looks and works in this "poetry" trailer:

The story of And All Would Cry Beware

Man, I don't want to write this name anymore. Anyway, the game tells the story of an unnamed man in a sci-fi world. Being pursued by the Kill Gang through the ruined streets of Los Angeles, the man runs away and luckily, he found his shelter.

Or should I say - that's very unlucky for him. The shelter turns out to be the underground laboratory of Wayfarer Inc. That corporation has hidden a portal machine there - and that's all he needs for an escape route.

And All Would Cry Beware 1
He activates the machine and gets through the portal

As a result, he goes through the portal and gets into another dimension. The chase finally comes to an end, but now, he has to take on a new journey in an even more dangerous world.

This world is filled with verdant forest and acid lakes under the pink sky. High up there, you see a geodesic cupola - and that's the only chance to get you out of this hostile world. And while making your way to get there, you'll find out what happened with the previous expedition!

When Metroid meets FPS

The developer has described And All Would Cry Beware is the products when "90s-style shooter meets Metroidvania". That description might be too short, but it has included the major features of the game.

The game features pixel-graphics, which brings back the nostalgia of the 90s image quality. At that time, the graphics might not be that good, but the gaming experience was extraordinary.

And All Would Cry Beware 3
The game brings back the 90s nostalgia

In the game, you'll be given a wide range of guns to make you survive in this world. Most of the time, it will help you to survive from being destroyed by hostile wildlife, but that's not all the guns' functions. Sometimes, it will help you open up new paths as well as shoot up new routes that grant you access to the places that you've never been to before.

And All Would Cry Beware
The guns are the only thing that keeps you alive in this world

That's when you make progress with the escape way. But the fascinating story has just only started. You'll start to find out what happened to the previous one that Wayfarer Inc. has sent to this world before you. Are they still alive? Maybe they'll provide you with some information with this world.

And All Would Cry Beware 2
Head to that geodesic dome to find clues about the previous travelers

Although the polygon monsters make me feel a bit disappointed, I still want to dig in the game and figure out the entire story!

Order the game now to get a discount

The game will come out for PC on both Steam and And All Would Cry Beware is priced $9.99.

But if you order the game now, you'll get a 20% discount, which will bring it down to $7.99. This event will last until July 2, which means there's not plenty of time left!