No Gravity Games, previously known as Fat Dog Games - has announced the debut title of Shockwork Games - Alder's Blood. Here's the announcement trailer which demonstrates the overall story and gameplay:

Alder's Blood features a bloody story

In Alder's Blood, players will join in a dark Victorian world. The land was forgotten and left behind by the god, which cause it to suffer utter chaos. Without the protection from the god, it no longer follows the Laws of Nature anymore.

There's nothing such as days and night, and the balance between human and other creatures is on the verge of breaching. The land is now full of darkness and drowning in horrors.

Alder's Blood Turn Based Stealth Game
The corrupted god has abandoned the land and the people

Anger from what it has received, the planet has ultimately decided that it's time to pay back. It threw loads of hostile monsters at humans with aims of eliminating what it thought to decay the planet. Humankind has never been closer to extinction like this moment!

Amidst this situation, here rise the heroes! You'll take the role of a "Hunter" - the elite group that carries humankind's last hope on their shoulders. The "Hunters" are the crew consists of "perfectly trained and highly skilled, professional monster slayers ".

Alder's Blood Turn Based Stealth Game
The world's fate relies on the hand of the Hunters

They'll take the responsibility to kill anything that shows menace to the people. Regardless of who the enemies are, either monsters or the corrupted god himself, the Hunters will slay them all, if that's the price for the final peace for humankind!

About the gameplay

Even though you're the bests of mankind, the monsters out there are still outnumber you. So you can't just sprint at them and slay them all with your power, as it would cost you the lamest death in the world.

Instead, players will have to use their wisdom against those mindless monsters. The game features stealth, ambush combat, where you have to find the time to strike them at the place they never expect.

Alder's Blood Turn Based Stealth Game
The unseen attacks are the deadliest!

The monsters in the game also vary from a lot of species. Werewolves, vampires and other monsters are everywhere in the land, and each of them has its own unique abilities. As a result, to learn how they fight and choose the right method to hide and slay them is very crucial.

Alder's Blood Turn Based Stealth Game
Learn the abilities of monsters to slay them efficiently

Furthermore, you don't have unlimited energy either! The game features a stamina system, where every action you makes, including running, attacking and casting spells will consume one (or maybe two) unit of stamina. Fighting nonstop will cause you to fatigue! After all, you're just a human.

Join early access to gain 10-20% discount when the game releases

The developer has planned to release Alder's Blood at some time in Q3 or Q4 this year. The game will support Switch and PC through Steam at launch, and others platform might receive it later.

While you have nothing to do while waiting, why don't join the early access of the game? Some of the earliest members to join the Hunters' League will receive a 10-20% discount on the official version of the game, bonus a Digital artbook as well!

Alder's Blood Turn Based Stealth Game
Head to the kick-off page of Alder's Blood to sign-up!

Apart from that, you may have opportunities to play the closed-alpha version of the game! So hesitate no more!