The publisher Headup Games and the developer Cracked Head Games is going to unchain their horror title - Silver Chain. After revealing a little piece of the story back in 2018, they've finally set an official releasing date for it.

Apart from that, the publisher has also provided us with a creepy trailer. You can watch it here, but try not to get too scared:

Madness strikes with Silver Chain

Silver Chain tells the story of an ordinary man - Peter. He's just living his ordinary life until that night. Peter's car has hit a tree on the road in a stormy night, causing him to go unconscious.

After that Peter wakes up after the accident, found that he's in an abandoned house. From that moment, we all know that his ordinary life came to an end.

Silver Chain Getting Unchained This August 5
Peter wakes up, finding himself in an abandoned manor

Without knowing how he managed to get there, Peter quickly acknowledges that the house isn't abandoned as it seems. Panic and frightened, he tries his best to get out of the house as soon as possible. However, while making efforts, he vaguely recognizes that he has visited the house at some times in the past.

Silver Chain Getting Unchained This August 1

As Peter is finding his way out, his memories slowly came back, and he is coming closer and closer to the mystery behind the haunted house. But the evil is lurking in the dark, waiting for its chance to pull him into the darkness.

You know, evil never rests!

Silver Chain Getting Unchained This August 4
Still, don't understand why he doesn't run after seeing this.

According to the developer, it has taken inspiration from a wide range of horror titles. They include the two Layers of Fear titles, Outlast 1 and 2, as well as the Silent Hill Series.

Consequently, Cracked Head Games promised that the game will bring the best out of a horror title - the deep story with an eerie atmosphere, the detailed graphics that look as real as possible, and the gameplay that mixes between action and puzzling.

Silver Chain Getting Unchained This August 2
Expecting a lot of creepy jumpscares

Releasing date and supported platform

Silver Chain will officially come out on August 6. At its launch, the game only supports PC through Steam and GOG. Consoles players will have to wait until the last three months of the year to get the game.