Devolver Digital just announced at E3 2019 their new “reverse-horror” platform game Carrion. The performance of Devolver Digital at E3 this year is just as usual as every other year. By "usual," I mean weird, creepy and bloody, which is also the perfect description for this game.

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There you go, the main character of the game

Carrion is a 2D platform horror game. And the main character of the game, who is controlled by you is a bloody monster (yeah, you are the horror). The creature is locked in a scientific facility, where scientists examine, imprison and execute some scary experiments on our poor monster. No wonder why it is so angry.

Carrion Reveal Trailer 0 27 Screenshot
I would do that too if I were the monster, oh wait.

Your job is to help it fight its way through the facility to get bigger, stronger. The goal isn't just about growing and killing, it is about spreading the fear and panic throughout the facility and then ultimately destroy the facility and get revenge. You can check out the trailer of Carrion below.

The pixelated art style actually works perfectly with the game, adding a little bit of vibe from those old horror movies and games like DOOM. The movements and actions of the monster look fluent, eye-catching and unique.

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Bloody, creepy, and that's you

According to the tweets of the developer, Carrion has been developed since at least October 2017. Of course, the art of the game back then was very basic as it was in the early development stage.

Carrion is being developed by Phobia Game Studio and will be released on PC and consoles in 2020.