Just a few hours ago in E3, the title GhostWire: Tokyo has been announced, alongside with the trailer for the game in the E3 conference of Bethesda. The developer behind this game is Tango Gameworks – the famous game studio behind famous game series The Evil Within. Let’s take a look at the trailer of the game right below:

Founded in 2010 by the famous Japanese video game designer, director, and producer Shinji Mikami, Tango Gameworks studio is famous for its games in the horror game genre, namely The Evil Within 1 and The Evil Within 2 (both published by Bethesda). The trailer of GhostWire: Tokyo also brings the viewers a scary and spooky atmosphere, but there seems to be more in this title. The official description of GhostWire: Tokyo says

Ghostwire Tokyo 2 1
GhostWire: Tokyo

Tango Gameworks has confirmed that this title will be in the action-adventure game genre. According to the descriptions and the trailer of the titles, we can predict that this game will feature an open world of Toyko, and players will have to solve the mystical disappear of Toyko residents. After the residents of Tokyo vanished as if Thanos had just napped his fingers with the infinity stones, there are many demons in the appearance of skeleton flooding all over the city.

Players may need to get through them to seek help of the good spirits to find a way to chase the demons away and get the residents of Tokyo. Shinji Mikami – founder of Tango Gameworks – has been famous with his Resident Evil game series since he has worked in Capcom. This title is looking to be a great game.

Ghostwire Tokyo E3 2019 Reveal
GhostWire: Tokyo