Blair Witch is a new story-driven horror game that takes the setting of the famous supernatural horror franchise. The developer - Bloober has announced the official release date of the game, as well as gave us a glimpse of the creepy adventure in the trailer.

The trailer has just come out in E3 2019, and you can see it below:

A horror masterpiece from the hands of the horror expert

The cinematic lore of the franchise Blair Witch has already been a great nature for a horror game. Just visualize it a little bit.

Imagine you have to wander in the dark forest, with flickering rays of light from your flashlight. With a camera in your hand and some mysterious creatures lurking in the dark, what will you feel? You'll surely feel terrifying, especially if you've watched (or read) some stories of the franchise!

The films were already very frightening!
The films were already very frightening!

That's why when the game Blair Witch comes out in E3, it immediately received a lot of attention and welcomes. Things are even better, as the game will be crafted by the horror master. If you haven't heard of Bloober yet, it was the developer behind recent's excellent horror titles such as Layers of Fears and Observer.

Layers Of Fear is a story of a mad painter
Layers Of Fear is a story of a mad painter

From the hands of the master of fright, the game is promised to provide players with their deepest fears (and startles as well).

Story overview

The game's story took place in September 1996, two years after the film's setting when student filmmakers head to Black Hills forest to shoot a documentary about the tales of Blair Witch.

This time, you'll control a policeman - Ellis on his job to find a lost child named Peter Shannon. With his best coordinator - Bullet the dog, Ellis has to explore the dark forests to fulfill his duty.

Blair Witch
Ellis and his dog - Bullet heading to the cursed forest

However, we all know that there are definitely some eerie thing inside those woods. As expected, your investigating journey quickly turns into endless nightmares. The Blair Witch has haunted the wood, and she made Ellis encountered the deepest fears from his troubled past.

With only a camera, a flashlight and the help of a Bullet, can Ellis make his way through the forest and find the secret behind the dark woods? Or will he get buried when failed to overcome his past that he was always frightened of?

I can't wait to what Bloobers could deliver after the amazing story in Layers of Fear!

Facing your deepest fear in your own eyes

The developers have declared that Blair Witch is "a first-person psychological horror game". And the trailer also showed us the main features of the gameplay.

In the game, you'll take control of Ellis and see the whole story through his eyes. That also includes numerous creepy scenes, and potentially some jumpscares as well.

Will the flashlight be enough to guide you through the dark woods?
Will the flashlight be enough to guide you through the dark woods?

The game will also provide you the same camera mechanics as in Outlast, even though whether you can use it intentionally is still under question.

You'll have your camera alongside you to film the mystery
You'll have your camera alongside you to film the mystery

Blair Witch's graphics are also designed to be closest to real-life images. Cooperating with the deep storyline, the game will definitely steal a lot of quivers, shouts and even tears!

When will Blair Witch come out?

Bloobers and Lionsgate have announced that the game will come out August 30. PlayStation 4 users may feel a little bit down, as the game only support Xbox One and PC through Steam.

Your sanity versus the Witch's Curse, who will win? Can't wait to find out!