Lately, at E3 2019, we've announced you about an upcoming horror title - Blair Witch. At that time, we only know some details about its story, and it definitely didn't satisfy the horror-craving gamer.

And as the release date of the game is coming very soon, Bloober wants to give us a headstart with a tease on Blair Witch's gameplay. You can see it in the trailer below:

Summary of the story of Blair Witch

If you haven't heard about Blair Witch yet, you can find some information on the game in our previous article here. However, if you find it too long for your sake, then here's a summary for you.

Blair Witch is a heavy narrative horror game from the developer Bloober. It's the team behind some epic horror title - Layers of Fear and Observer.

Blair Witch The New Narrative Horror Games 5
Layers Of Fear is a story of a mad painter

This game takes the concept of the eerie forest of the franchise. In this game, you'll follow the footsteps of a policeman - Ellis. He's on his mission into the dark forest to find the lost child - Peter Shannon. With his trusty companion - a dog named Bullet, it seems that this will be just another ordinary investigation.

However, things turn sour very quickly. The Blair Witch has haunted the woods, and Ellis is stuck there with a bunch of devastating memories from past. Are the flashlight, a camera, and a dog enough for Ellis to get out of this forest?

Blair Witch The New Narrative Horror Games 4
Can Ellis escape from the curse of the Blair Witch?

We'll have to wait until this August to find out!

Things about the gameplay to notice from the trailer

More than a month from its first announcement, we finally have a glimpse on its gameplay.

First of all, we can see that there is a range of interaction you can do with your dog, Bullet. The trailer shows that apart from commanding the dog to investigate the surroundings, you can also pet him. It's not a very important feature, but it also helps relieve the intense atmosphere to some extent.

Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer 2
Petting your dog is a good way to relieve stress

Nevertheless, Bullet will be your most reliable companion. He helps you check the places you can't reach, barks when he found items and monsters, and contribute majorly to puzzle solving. However, sometimes he jumps out of the dark corner, which will make us smash our keyboard with scares.

Blair Witch Gameplay Trailer 1
You can command Bullet to check the places you can't reach

And it's worth to notice that Blair Witch will feature some battles. In fact, it will be the first game from Bloober to have combats. Although we can see only small combats in the trailer, it certainly brings some new things to the overall horror experience. Finally, we won't have to just run anymore.

Blair Witch The New Narrative Horror Games 0
Will the flashlight be enough to guide you through the dark woods?

To be more specific, you'll fight with The Blair Witch's minions. They are very hard to recognize, but you will know when Bullet bark in their locations. You can simply get rid of them by pushing your torch toward them.

Apart from that, the trailer also showed a brief of the exploration experience with some of the interactions with the environment. Even though the images flash really quick, we can still imagine what is waiting for us in the Dark Forest.

When will Blair Witch come out

From the experience I have with the 90's movie, I can guarantee that Blair Witch will be a hit! It's coming out for PC via Steam and Xbox One on August 30.

Stay tuned to Gurugamer to get the notification when the game comes out!