Madmind Studio has just released a trailer of its upcoming title - PARANOID. And you must beware, as the trailer might drive your mind mad!

You can see the trailer here, and if you can't bear the eerie anymore, come back with us for less creepy demonstration:

From the creators behind Agony

Madmind Studio is the developer behind the well-regarded title - Agony. And this time, with its desire to bring more horror actions to gamers, the studio has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming survival horror game, PARANOID.

PARANOID tells the story of Patrick Calman - a 31-year-old man that is suffering a huge loss in the past. His parent deceased from an accident, and the last family member that he's got - his sister - went missing out of the blue.

Paranoid Fpp Horror Title New Trailer 3
Patrick imprisoned himself in his room

This utter pain has beaten Patrick, pushing him to the route full of trauma, drugs addiction. Patrick trapped himself in his own room, suffering all of this pain on his own.

Until a day, Patrick receives a call, and the voice from it makes him completely baffled. It was from his sister - who mysteriously disappeared 13 years ago. She called Patrick to tell him that she's coming back.

Paranoid Fpp Horror Title New Trailer 4
She also tells him to trust nobody

All of these baffling events force Patrick to get out of an unhealthy isolated life to find out the truth. However, it also exposes Patrick to the terrible memories that he has tried to stay away from.

Will he figure out what happened in the past? Or will he fall deep into the madness suffering from heart-wrenching events?

Teaser on Paranoid gameplay

According to the Madmind Studio, PARANOID will have a dynamic and fierce combat system. Furthermore, the game also features gameplay change, which depends on what kind of drugs Patrick uses.

Paranoid Fpp Horror Title New Trailer 2
The gameplay will change in accordance with the drugs Patrick takes

There will be three different endings, each with different cinematic cutscenes. The ending you get is based on your play style, so the re-play potentials of this game are quite remarkable.

Paranoid Fpp Horror Title New Trailer 1
Play aggressively or defensively - it will change your final ending!

PARANOID will be available for only PC players. Madmind Studio has chosen Steam to be their only door to release the game. Support for other platforms and storefront is still to be affirmed.

We don't have any information on the release windows of the game yet, but when you're waiting, you can give Agony a try! And when you finish it, be sure to follow the main heroine of Succubus - the arousing queen of Hell on Twitter to see the latest update on its sequel!

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