Experience has announced its sequel to Death Mark - its first horror title in the "Spirit Hunter" adventure series. This sequel's name is NG, and it will head to the West this October.

The announcement comes with this creepy musical trailer. To warn you, the trailer has a lot of Japanese. So if you didn't understand anything, come back to read our overview of the game!

Anyway, here's the trailer for you:

Overlook on NG story and gameplay

Entry is the follow-up entry of the new Spirit Hunter series that tells the side story of the previous award-winning title Death Mark. This time, instead of encountering mysterious spirits from their environment, you'll have to face them in our environment - the mundane world.

Ng Brings The Horror To Ps4 Ps Vita Switch Pc In O
Horrifying creatures are lurking everywhere, even in your house

To be more specific, NG tells the story of a man on his deadly journey to find out who, or what has caused the disappearance of his sister. In order to rescue her, the protagonist must work with an obscure spirit of legend, and make harsh choices that can ultimately change the ending of the whole game.

Ng Brings The Horror To Ps4 Ps Vita Switch Pc In O
NG tells the story of a man trying to rescue his sister

Save your sister and prevent the evil from ruining everything you love, or getting beaten by it and become the victim of the angry spirit. Those are your only choices, so choose wisely!

Even though the game was heavily story-driven, it still provides you with a great way to unveil the plots.

First of all, you'll have to reveal the mystery lurking in every corner by using your flashlight. Be sure to examine every location carefully, and prepared to get some unexpected terror as well!

Ng Brings The Horror To Ps4 Ps Vita Switch Pc In O
Be careful with what you might see!

Secondly, in every key moment, players must make difficult decisions to keep the protagonist alive. The game offers the protagonist a “Judge System”, which allows him to reacts to each event with a range of different responses.

Ng Brings The Horror To Ps4 Ps Vita Switch Pc In O
When the game releases in the West, all of these choices will be in English

With the detailed and creepy arts from the hand of Fumiya Sumio, NG will give you the demonstration of the most realistic scaring faces that you'd never forget!

Ng Brings The Horror To Ps4 Ps Vita Switch Pc In O
Engrossing, but very impressive!

Release date and supported platform

NG will come out this October and will support PS4, PS Vita, Switch and PC through Steam.

Aksys Games - the publisher of NG also affirmed that both digital and physical versions are only available for  PS4 and Switch, while PC and PS Vita owners can only purchase the digital editions of the game.