Unlike those FPS and RPG games, horror games have their own way to entertain the players. They don't need a touching story or fancy, unique mechanics to standout and attract players. They have only one true task needed to complete that is to scare people, as much as possible.

Horror games provide something that every other genre cannot, the sound of your heart beating faster and faster, the creepy absolute silent or the agony feeling. However, not all people can play it, because of the same reason why some people love it. So, if you happened to be one of the people who love it, here is the list of 10 biggest upcoming horror games.

1.The Sinking City

Nintendo announced their new AAA horror title The Sinking City for Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game was inspired by the universe of author H.P.Lovecraft.

Sinking City 1560437318512 1280w
The Sinking City

The Sinking City will be self-published on Switch by developer Frogwares in fall 2019. The game is set in a supernatural world in Oakmont city. You are an investigator in 1920s who came to the city to discover all the mysteries.  Into the game, you will soon find yourself in a strange place with broken roads, old houses, and harsh weather. Prepare yourself, take a deep breath and say goodbye to the world you used to live in.


Devolver Digital did a really good job at E3 2019, especially with the introduction of their newest horror game, Carrion. You will play as the monster escaped from a prison in an underground facility. Your job will be, of course, terrorizing people there and killing them for locking you up. The old pixelate art style is mixed perfectly with the game which might remind some of us about those 90s horror games and movies.

Carrion Game Image 1
You will play the horror

Carrion has been developed for at least a few years now and the game will be coming to PC and consoles in 2020.

3.Man of Medan

Man of Medan is a product of Supermassive Games, the creators of the horror game Until Dawn in 2015. When it comes to horror, I am sure these guys know what they are doing. The game follows a group of five friends on a journey to find a rumored World War II shipwreck. They will encounter pirates and get their life threatened, but we all know that is just the opening and the worst is yet to come.

The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan Announcement Traile
Man of Meden

In the game, every decision players make will have a consequence and the game will not allow you to go back, what's done is done, the only choice is to keep moving forward. The game can end with every main character dying or none at all, depending on your own decision.

But as the game said, what makes a game terrifying is not just about killing people. It's how they die.

“It’s s a real big problem because killing people — it’s easy to just kill people,” says game director Tom Heaton. ‘We have to kill people in really entertaining ways.”

The developer team even has a "death meetings" to go through all the idea of how each character die, what will be the most interesting for the scenario.

‘They want horror. They want really horrible deaths. They’d be disappointed if they don’t get that.”

4. Blair Witch

Despite all the big titles like Halo: Infinity, Elden Ring or Cyberpunk 2077. Blair Witch was still able to amaze the whole audience when Microsoft announced it at E3 2019.

Blair Witch based on The Blair Witch Project fictional horror movie in 1999. According to the trailer, players will be a police officer named Ellis who is searching for a lost boy in Maryland’s Burkittsville woods, the home of Blair Witch. He only has his dog Bullet by his side to explore the woods and find the way out. The trailer doesn't reveal too much about the game, but I am sure that Blair Witch is going to be terrific under the hand of Bloober studio, the one behind Layers of Fear and Observer.

Blair Witch Video Game
Blair Witch

The game will be released on August 30, 2019, for Xbox One and PC.


Chernobylitea is a new science fiction survival horror game in a disturbing world of a radioactive wasteland. The Farm 51 developer picked a perfect time to release the game while everyone is talking about the Chernobyl series.

You will play the game as a physicist, who is discovering the mystery of his girlfriend disappearance. Players will encounter many supernatural creatures. While some of them will try to kill you, some will help you, if you let them.


The Farm 51 team even visited the very location in real life multiple times and have “taken thousands of pictures by scanning the area with drones” to capture the accurate reality into the game. They sure have put a lot of effort into the game. As a result, what we have seen in the trailer is absolutely amazing. Chernobylite is definitely a worth playing game when it comes out this year in August on PC so be sure to count it on your list.

6. The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club is a 4-player co-op horror game where players control a group of teenagers who are trying to find their missing friend and discover the truth about the mysterious force in Appalachian town.

“Together, they uncover a conspiracy of occult-obsessed adults who have turned the town’s population into sleepwalkers,” a news release said. “The club must infiltrate labyrinthine tunnels that emanate hypnotic melodies from beneath the town’s seemingly idyllic surface".

Your job is to sneak around and explore the town at night to find out about the truth while trying to not draw the attention of The Shape, an invisible monster. The game has many random factors that will throw you off and cause you to make mistakes, slowly luring the monster to chase after you.

The Blackout Club is developed by Question Studio, the creator of The Magic Circle game in 2015. The game is now on Steam's Early Access and will be launch in late 2019.


Visage is set in an old house in the 1980s with a horrendous history which you will discover throughout the game. As you slowly find out the past through narrative devices, you will eventually face a ghost that has brutally killed families lived there.

Visage Hed
Visage is inspired by P.T

The game is developed by SadSquare Studio. The first chapter has been released on Steam's Early Access. It's only roughly an hour long, but I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. The later chapters are scheduled to be released later this year.

8. Someday You'll Return

Someday You'll Return is a psychological horror game developed by CBE Software. You will play as a father named Daniel, whose daughter has run away from home. He knows where she is due to the GPS, but it is a place he has sworn he would never return to because of the disturbing things he has seen there.

The game is described as a "narrative-driven psychological horror game with strong adventure elements," influenced by the classic Silent Hills series. From what we have seen in the trailer, we can tell that the journey won't be easy, promising a creepy, terrifying game when it comes out later this year for PC and consoles.

9.Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is the sequel of 2015's Dying Light developed by Techland. Similar to Dying Light, it will be a parkour zombie slaying game, where your decision will heavily affect the story.

Recently, Microsoft just released its latest trailer in E3 2019 along with many screenshots, and information about what to expect from the game. The main plot wasn't revealed much in the trailer, but we do get to know a bit about the main character Aiden Caldwell, "an infected survivor whose high-flying parkour skills and brutal combat ability make him a valuable asset in this crumbling metropolis."

The game was previously set for a 2019 release, but Techland has announced to delay it until Spring 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It's definitely one of the best zombie game that you can't miss.

10.World of Horror

World of Horror is a bizarre game based on the works of Junji Ito. You might recognize him through some of his most famous manga, Uzumaki, Gyo or Kyoufu Manga Collection.

World of Horror is described as “a love letter to the cosmic horror work of Junji Ito (伊藤 潤二) and the 1-bit aesthetics of early Macintosh computers.” The game lets you investigate the mysterious locations and strange cases in a seaside town in the year "198X".

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Uzumaki - One of Itto's manga

"Disgusting creatures terrorize a small seaside town in Japan as reality starts to crumble, and the Old Gods reawaken to sate their primal hunger. It's a losing battle, but maybe you've got what it takes to postpone the inevitable. The end of the world is at hand."

Using the black and white manga art style combined with the "1-bit aesthetics of early Macintosh computers," the game will take you back to your childhood and remind you of all those deep dark fears that have that you have forgotten. You can download here for free, or pay a small amount to support the developers. Also, I highly recommend Junji Ito manga to all the horror fans who haven't read his work yet.