The E3 is behind us once again, and that event has given us a vast number of announcements and trailers to consume in the next weeks. Like usual, the attention goes to big game titles which showed at the well-known press conferences. However, somewhere underneath those big shiny games are hundred of smaller titles that usually get ignored and overlooked by the majority.

But many of those are deserve to be known and seen my much more audiences than that. So I did my best. But I couldn't talk about them all here, so I will just list out a top ten of small and interesting titles that I found at this year E3.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Available on: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC

Launch date: Q1 next year

The 3D platformer action games that lie with our old NES and Genesis console are going through a short of restoration recently. This game is also going with that trend, and it does that well. The key mechanic of the title is the season control ability of Ary. She uses that to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and get through obstacles.

From the video, you could see the limited budget of this game, but they make up for that dated graphics with fun gameplay and deep, engaging storyline. Some other titles such as Yooka-Laylee has found their success with this model, and I expect that this game has the potential to pull that off too.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Available on: Xbox One, NS, PS4, PC

Launch date: TBA

One of my favorite thing at E3 for me to do is looking for that come up with a different approach to established mechanics. Essentially, this game is a 2D platformer puzzle game, but it has a very fascinating mechanic of utilizing words to modify the stage so that you could go further.

Lost Words is one of those rare games that gameplay and storyline are connected and has an impact on each other. My interest also comes from the fact that it is  Rhianna Pratchett who wrote this game. Usually, these indie games really story heavy, but the gameplay here also features surprising depth.

El Hijo

Available on: Xbox One, NS, PS4, PC

Launch date: TBA

I am happy that I have seen this isometric stealth title with heavy western influences. In this game, you take on the role of a 6 years old boy who is on the look for his mama who has been taken by the bandit which leaves to the monastery. He refuses to accept that and when on an adventure to save his beloved mother.

There are lots of upside for such a concept, and while we have many stealth titles recently, interesting settings together with a gorgeous art style provides El Hijo a very solid base, to begin with. One important factor is that of how the real gameplay would turn out to be.


Available on: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC

Launch date: 2019

While the new Contra are less than stellar that is good to see there are still developers who stick with the fast-paced, run 'n gun, frantic gameplay that the series of Konami once known for. Steel Mantis brings to us the game - Valfraris, it is a kinda unknown developer but with undeniable potential and talent.

This game takes inspiration from legendary titles like Turrican and Contra. It also features beautiful pixel art style and an excellent heavy metal soundtrack. If the gameplay lives up to what the rest of the game has shown, we could have something very significant here.

Cris Tales

Available on: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC

Launch date: 2020

I admit that I am a massive fan of JRPG game, from Final Fantasy to Legend of Zelda and more. That why I am excited when I heard about Cris Tales, which is a game that under the influence of all those classic back in the 90s. The game is absolutely beautiful, with beautiful animations and striking art style. The idea of this game to play in three-time periods in a game is also ambitious and exciting. I am really curious to see this game in action.

This game features the good old combat turn-based system. Even though I appreciate today action focused battle in real time of today JRPG, I still love to have more time for thinking and strategy in my game.

Per Aspera

Available on: PC

Launch date: 2020

Strategy genre has been in a short of restoration recently. We have all those games from smaller indie developers that create interesting and new gameplay experiences, usually based on familiar mechanics but with a twist and turns to make it fresh. This is one of those where you have the mission to terraform Mars.

I want to see how big is this game's world because from the look of it in the trailer you are gonna build on the whole planet at the same time, instead of doing separate missions.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Available on: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Launch date: 20th August 2019

This game is from the developer behind last year Darksiders III. With that game, the studio showed that they have the ability to create a special game with Remnant.

It is a 3rd person action survival shooter game, where you are among the last humans who are trying to get by on a post-apocalyptic Earth where is full of monsters. The interesting elements in this game are that you could actually play it in co-op with 2 other players. It is kind of like a horror Borderlands.

Songs of Conquest

Available on: Mac, PC

Launch date: 2020

It is a game that copies the formula from Heroes of Might & Magic with its own little twist. Basically, it is a strategy turn-based game that even not trying to hide the influences.

I interested in this game because of the music and the visual design that this game showed in its trailer. Then I realized that this game is a new take on my favorite franchise ever.


Available on: Xbox One,NS,PS4, PC

Launch date:  2019 Summer

Rad is a rogue-like action title where you - the players have to roam through the radioactive wasteland to bring back life to the world. The main mechanic is that the further you travel into the radioactive wasteland, the toxins will ravage you more, mutating and transforming you. With that, you would gain more abilities helpful for you on the journey, but you would also become less and less human. You will have to face many difficult decisions in this game as you strike for the balance between abilities and humanity.


Available on: PC

Launch date: 2020 Fall

It is another roguelike game, but rather different from the others. This game is a rogue-like deck-building title from Klei Entertainment. It is a studio known for their games' creative playstyles and genres.

In this game, you can approach and solve a situation in many ways. Of course, you can fight, but you could also steal, negotiate, or other methods. We will have to wait for Klei will make this game works out.