Microsoft has just revealed a few new details relating to Halo Infinite.

To be specific, Chris Lee - the Halo FPS director - has appeared during the live stream of Inside Xbox. He began with mentioning the "Discover Hope" segment which Microsoft has already shown during E3 2019. Then he confirmed that it was indeed an opening sequence of Halo Infinite from the campaign. The director claimed it was, actually, not CG but rather captured in-engine, as well.

Halo Infinite
The Pilot

Halo Infinite works on the new engine from Slipspace. Microsoft has invested a lot in this engine, according to Lee. Obviously, the engine’s deemed really important, since Lee thought that it would be the foundation for Halo experiences within the next 10 years. Microsoft claimed that this is the "most powerful" toolset they have ever created for Halo. In addition, Lee stated that the ambition that Microsoft has for Halo Infinite was impossible without this engine.

Halo Infinite is actually a release title for the game console Project Scarlett in Holiday 2020. However, the game will still be available for Xbox One X, Xbox One S and also Xbox One.

Furthermore, Lee also confirmed that they will release the PC version of Halo Infinite along with the other versions.

Lee revealed that the game will utilize the "power of Scarlett". However, he didn’t go into detail about how Halo Infinite will make use of the beefier specs of the system.

Also during the interview, the Halo FPS director mentioned the new character - "Pilot" - in the story trailer of Halo Infinite. in the universe of Halo, Pilot is, indeed, a new character.

At the trailer’s opening scene, Pilot assumes he will die. That results in his trying to record a message to send to his family. Then, when there seems to be no hope left, he comes across Master Chief who is now floating in space. This changes everything as Master Chief has come back online. Many anticipate that Master Chief returns to rescue the world again.

 Halo Infinite
Master Chief 's new design

Lastly, Lee mentioned about the art direction of Halo Infinite. There will be full of Halo’s in this game, especially the new suit design for Master Chief.

Lee shared that they take inspiration from Master Chief’s appearance in Halo 3. They also created it with a few flourishes from Halo 4 as well as Halo 5, and also the Halo Legends films. In short, Lee stated that Microsoft’s aim is to make him look "distinct, new, and special."