A few weeks before the E3 convention happening every year, a lot of critics from many places all over the world gather in Los Angeles for an event called Judges Week. In this event, critics will have the chance to play a lot of games before they are introduced to us a few weeks later in E3 convention. After playing the games, the critics will vote for the games that are the best of the E3 show, and this is the Game Critics Awards.

The list of Game Critics Awards for E3 2019 convention this year has just been released, and the most important awards this year are handed to Final Fantasy VII Remake title by Square Enix. This game has won the highest award this year, which is the Best of Show award. This title also brought the awards for Best Console game and Best RPG for Square Enix.

Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy Vii Artwork 1920x1080
Final Fantasy VII Remake is the best game of E3 2019, according to critics

Besides Final Fantasy VII Remake, DOOM Eternal is the only other title that has won more than one award. This title has earned awards for Best PC game and Best Action.

Doom Eternal Official Gameplay Reveal 11 4 Screens
DOOM Eternal takes the second place in the Game Critics Awards this year

Perhaps a lot of you guys are wondering why a lot of other famous games in E3 convention this year did not have more awards. The reasons are really simple: only titles that could be played at E3 convention can be counted into the award list. We did not have much playable game at E3 2019 convention, so titles that did not let the fans play like Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light 2 were not in the award list by default.

Cyberpunk 2077 was not playable at E3 2019, so it did not gain many awards