With a simple name like that of some common open-world games, Bee Simulator may not strike you as an educational game. Its counterpart, Goat Simulator offered an entertaining game in which you can explore freely over a  wide area while doing hilarious stuff.

Bee Simulater More 01
We play the role of a bee in this game

As its name suggests, Bee Simulator let you fly freely as a Bee just as enjoyable as Goat Simulator. However, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The gameplay of Bee Simulator

The game comes from team Varsav Games, focusing on the real-life experience and hardship American wild bees have to face. They managed to do it really close to the actual life while still retained the recreational factor.

Compared to goats which just eats grass, bees’ activities are much more interesting. They also included an educational part of the game. You get a chance to learn the key role of bees in your ecosystem and environment.

Bee Simulater More 02
The hardship bees have to face

In the game, you can explore an open world, hovering around on your wings. You play the part of a bee, collecting pollen, retrieving lost members of your hive and so on. The game managed to walk a thin line between an arcade game and educational source of information well.

Bee Simulater More 03
On your wings to explore the world, the game offers stunning graphics 

It also offers combat-like mode versus wasp, which is the real-life villain for bees. Here you can block, attack, and use a special move to fight against one wasp. That would be one sweet icing on the cake to the game you may well enjoy.

Bee Simulater More 04
Protect your hive with all you have got

Basically, what the game lets you do the most is flying around on your wings, collecting pollen. That is what keeps bee survive, getting food and helping to pollinate flowers. You do that in the fashion of flying through rings of the right color. Utilizing flight mechanics, you can enjoy the experience of steering an airplane.

While playing the Bee Simulator, you can actually learn a lot about the life of creatures, flowers, and plants. Once you finish one quest or task, you get the change to unlock new knowledge which was carefully researched and presented. It may either be the hardship bees have to face or what you can do to help them in real life.

Bee Simulater More 05
The game offers a great deal of information around bees even in the loading screen

This would help to raise our awareness about these hardworking bees and their usefulness to the environment. This could be a good source of education we learn by playing or letting our children explore the meaningful life of our nature.

You can find the game planned for release by the end of 2019 on Steam. Stay tuned to watch out for this great game about bees.