Twin Mirror is an adventure game by the developer Dontnod Entertainment and the publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment. According to previous plans, it should come out this year for all major platforms like Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows.

Twin Mirror
Twin Mirror, by Dontnod Entertainment and Bandai Namco.

Twin Mirror Overview

In the game, players will control the investigative journalist Sam in his hometown, Basswood, West Virginia. As an adventure title, Sam has options to choose from, and depending on his investigation; the game can generate different endings to unlock.

Twin Mirror
Follow Sam, the investigative journalist in an adventure title.

While playing, players discover clues by switching between reality and the "Mind Palace" inside Sam. The Double is Sam's inner voice, which can either help or harm his investigation.

However, Bandai Namco and Dontnod Entertainment have recently delayed its release to 2020.

An exclusive Epic Games deal

At the same time, Dontnod Entertainment has made a deal with Epic Games for an exclusive partnership of its PC version’ distribution. According to the contract, Twin Mirror should arrive exclusively to Epic Games Store and last 12 months.

Oskar Guilbert, the chairman, and CEO of Dontnod Entertainment did talk about their cooperation with Epic Games in a press release. Thanks to such deal and the company’ development strategy, Dontnod Entertainment is now holding the additional key asset.

Twin Mirror
Dontnod is happy to work with Epic Games and publish Twin Mirror.

According to Oskar, it is a great delight to work with Epic Games and offer Twin Mirror to the community. This cooperation, alongside the support from Shibuya Productions, really enhances the potential of Twin Mirror.

For the CEO, this strategic deal shows the possibility of leveraging new market trends in their favor. He sees an ongoing transformation in the gaming industry and believes companies like Dontnod Entertainment is having a major competitive edge.

The game is coming soon to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.