Rock Pocket Games has always been very generous when teasing about its new game - Moon of Madness. Last time at E3, it has shown the 30 minute-long footages of gameplay, which showed us a glimpse on the gloomy tone of the game.

And now, as that demo has tingled our curiosity, the developer has shown us 12 more minutes of gameplay with a brand new trailer:

Moon of Madness brings true cosmic horror

This gameplay trailer of Moon of Madness seems to be extracted from the introductory parts of the game. And if you haven't watched the reveal from E3 yet, here's the summary on what will happen in the game:

Moon of Madness starts when people have caught a strange radio signal from Mars. Immediately, the Orochi scientists have built a secret facility on Mars, as they saw this information was too sensitive for humankind. The facility's name is Invictus, and it has the objectives to make further investigation on the true meaning of the message.

Moon Of Madness New Gameplay Trailer 2
The Orochi scientists have planted a facility on Mars

You are Shane Newehart, a technician working at Invictus. Your everyday's job is to keep the facility running while waiting for other crews to get there to take over your duties. And with that importance of the message, it's clear that the heads won't tell you about it.

However, some unusual signs and events appear. The key systems are not working properly, and there's an abnormal mist covering the greenhouse. But the most frightening thing is that the crew hasn't returned from their mission yet.

Moon Of Madness New Gameplay Trailer 4
The crew mysteriously disappeared

Your mental state is falling apart, as you start to see and feel a lot of illusions. Or maybe they're not illusions at all.

"Is this real… or are you slowly descending into madness?"

About the gameplay

Judging from the recent trailers, the game will feature first-person adventure experiences. You'll travel to places on the exotic planet, gathering clues and find out what has happened to the exploration crew.

Moon Of Madness New Gameplay Trailer 3
Find hints on what happened to the crew

And like many horror titles on the market now, Moon of Madness will have some light puzzle-solving. And even though the developer doesn't hesitate to hide the horror parts in the trailer, we still don't want to spoil anything.

Moon Of Madness New Gameplay Trailer 1
You don't have to wait long to try this game

So if you want to get a closer look into the story, see it for yourself from the trailer. I promise it won't let you down!

Current information on the release date

We haven't know the exact date that Moon of Madness is coming. However, the publisher Funcom has revealed that it is set to release this Halloween. It's such a smart choice, right!

Moon of Madness on will support PC, Xbox One and PS4.