Experience Inc, the developer of the horror series Spirit Hunter, is launching the next installment called NG. The game originally launched on September 13, 2018, but only for the Japanese market. An English version of NG sets to release in October 2019 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Steam. Players can purchase the game both in digital version and physical version (only available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 platforms).

Ng Game
NG is the second entry in the new Spirit Hunter series.

As a sequel to Death Mark, an award-winning horror visual novel published in 2017, NG tells a story that happens five years later after the event in the first entry.

Let's take a look at the announcement trailer below to get some basic understanding of the upcoming title:

Into NG, players will have control over a cursed young man. His primary mission is to seek the truth behind his little sister's mysterious disappearance. In order to accomplish that, the main character will need some help from suspicious characters while being brave and strong throughout the journey. There will be lots of difficult decisions to make, and they will have significant impacts on the endings of NG.

Ng Lps1a
The environment looks really good for a horror game.

According to the developer, while the first game focused on "distinct, horrifying locales", the second game will "weave fear seamlessly into the mundane". They insisted that NG is not just a usual visual novel. With the interesting plot from the initial title and gorgeous illustrations from artist Fumiya Sumio, it looks like the game will be a must-have experience for the fans of the franchise.

Ng Ssl4a
It's more than a visual novel.

In addition, NG also offers the Judge System. Players can use this as a responding method to events "across a spectrum of reactions" to keep the character alive. It's a survival game after all.

NG will expectedly come out in October 2019 for multiple platforms.