A sad yet relatively common occurrence in the gaming industry is that we’d often see a game that looks really cool announced at conferences such as PAX or GDC, but for various reasons that game would end up never seeing the light of day. One game that we saw at last year’s GDC was Void Tyrant from developers Armor Games and Quite Fresh, which had a very simple yet innovative concept.

Unfortunately, we never heard anything else about Void Tyrant after that. It looked like the game was another one that wasn’t destined to cross that finishing line. Well, according to a new announcement from the developers, that was not the case. Void Tyrant is not only alive and well, but it has also been completed and is set to launch this Thursday. Check out the trailer for the game below:

As mentioned, the idea of the game is very simple yet quite innovative. You will be fighting a variety of enemies through a combat system that is kind of similar to playing Blackjack. You and the enemy both have a deck of numbered cards that range from 1 to 6, which you take turns drawing. The number on the card you draw adds to the Attack Gauge, and you have to try to get as close to 12 as possible, but you cannot cross that threshold. Of course, you can choose to stop at any time, and when both sides have finished drawing, the one with the higher Attack Gauge wins and gets to deal damage to the other side according to the difference. So let’s say your Attack Gauge has 11 and the enemy’s has 8, then you can attack them 3 times.

Void Bastard Battle
Card-based combat system inspired by Blackjack

All of that sounds pretty complicated, but it actually isn’t. You only need to try it a couple of times in order to get a hang of how things work. And once you do, you’ll find that this mechanic is really interesting too. Besides the aforementioned deck, each character also has their own set of special cards that have various effects. You’ll also need to spend mana to play a card too.

Void Tyrant also features several levels, as well as some dungeon crawling and looting activities, but its soul lies in the combat, which is an absolute blast. To experience everything for yourself, look forward to when the game hit Google Play and the App Store this Thursday.

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