A good game

We've seen a lot of rogue-lite action-RPGs recently, but only a few have a pleasant look like Dreamscaper.

Dreamscaper is a well-designed rogue-lite RPG

The game's environment is a frosted world inside Cassidy's subconscious, the protagonist. In this world, players will battle against abstract creatures using both melee and ranged weapons. When defeated, players will wake up, start buying more weapons, equipment, or even superpowers that only shows up in comics.

Don't hesitate. It's your dream, and all the points you've spent came from your hard work. So go rampant as you always want!

You will play as Cassidy and dive into her subconscious.

Developers Afterburner Studios confidently offer their fans a chance to try Dreamscaper's early alpha version. Everyone can pay a visit to their Discord channel and ask for a free key.

Let's take a look at the trailer below:

Dreamscaper Pre-Alpha Teaser

Fascinating features

This beautiful game is somewhat attractive to people. With silenced audio and gentle soundtrack, it surprisingly urges players to spend more time on it. However, some people may find this game's features a bit weird. It is a combination between dream-ghosts, baseball bats and katanas, but some may feel it's nicely done.

The combat system is also well-designed. It seems if your timing is perfect, you can dodge attacks by rolling, block by timing well to turn into parries and do combos by making your character do flashy moves.

Are you ready to get through beautiful, haunting dreams to discover untold secrets?

There are a few places in the game that have a nice dream-like aesthetic. Hexagonal stone barriers around you can block bullets, but if you hit them or bumped into them while trying to dodge, they will disappear into the air. The enemies are also impressive due to their appearance inspired by abstract geometry design with weaponry. Sometimes you will face against snowy ogre-like creatures. Does that sound interesting enough?

Although being polished in almost every aspect, there could be some technical problems in Dreamscaper's alpha version. But it surely won't stop people from trying this amazing game. In fact, we should expect to learn what Afterburner is going to do with this title.

Go to the developer's Discord channel to get your alpha key!

A Steam page for Dreamscaper is up. You can register for an alpha key using the link the official Discord channel provides, or pay a visit to the game's official site.

The publisher behind this game is Maple Whispering Limited, who is seemingly trying to make an unusual but impressive game library.