Just a few days ago, Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix have announced Oninaki, a new RPG action game for PC, Switch and PlayStation 4. They are expected to launch the game within the summer of this year.


Like the name has suggested Onikaki will be an RPG action game with many exploring features. In the world of Oninaki, you will take on the hat of the mysterious Watcher Kagachi. He is the one who carries the duty of severing the tie of this world and the Lost. With the guidance of Kagachi or in this case you, the wandering souls in Beyond could continue with their circle of reincarnation.

Oninaki Is Coming Said Square Enix And Tokyo Rpg F
The main character

Karachi is a part of the Veil Watch who has the ability to cross between worlds, from the world of the living to the land beyond and coming back. While roaming around these worlds you will have the chance to meet various kind of lost souls.  You can choose to save them and taking them for combat usage with each has different abilities. And by saving them, you also prevent them turn into monsters that you would have to deal with later on.

Oninaki Is Coming Said Square Enix And Tokyo Rpg F
Watcher Kagachi on duty

The main story of the game

We looked at the official way of the game and summarize the game's story as follow:

The basic of life revolves around death and birth, the cycle of which each has to go through is called reincarnation. We embrace and congratulate this cycle.

Only the grief upon the death is the shackles to the living, and stray of the dead. This is an obstacle to the cycle of life.

So we should be joyful when goodbye the dead.

The souls those were held back need salvation. And that is the mission of the Watchers.

This is a story of one of them.