Recently, Ace Team have revealed the mysterious project that it has hidden for quite a while. Its name is SolSeraph, and it will be published by Sega very soon!

The game is the spiritual successor of the famous title ActRaiser that came out in 1990 for SNES. Don't believe it? Watch this trailer and see for yourself!

SolSeraph lets you play the role of a god

Or should I call him demigod? Helios - the son of a god and a human - will be the main protagonist in this title.

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
Helios is a son of a human and a god.

The game tells the story of the land that once created from the chaos. The Sky Father and Earth Mother crafted this world from the Chaos and brought life it. They brought the stars, the sun, the waters, and the land. They also created many species: the plants, the animal, and their favorite one: humankind.

However, they later left the world to let it develop naturally without their interference. And humankind - the one blessed with memory, wisdom, and story-telling - has to take the hatred from the Younger God. Envying of human's gift, he tormented them with disasters: floods, droughts, storms and many things else.

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
The Younger God seems ... a little dark?

How can the weak humankind fight against such a mighty god?

That's when Helios - the son of a god and a human - stand up for them. With his power and knowledge, he will guide the human expanding their territory and join them in the fight with the wicked god.

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
Helios - The winged warrior

Overview on the gameplay

From our short summary on the story, you can easily guess some elements of the gameplay.

SolSeraph is a hybrid title that consists of various elements of many genres. It is the mixture between a side-scrolling platformer, a building simulation and a tower defense title.

Now you understand how the game resembles Actraiser, don't you! Even though Ace Team just vaguely announced that SolSeraph is "reminiscent of the 16-bit era", we can assume that it wants to replicate the success of ActRaiser with this game.

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
It's very like Actraiser - just with better image quality!

To be more specific on the gameplay, the game will be divided into mainly two parts. The first part is simulation-focus, in which you will help tribes expand their territories. In order to do this, you'll have to build the shrine in the areas filled with the dark fog to dispel them.

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
Guide the tribes with their daily lives

From the top-down view, you'll command them to collect materials and choose where to construct buildings with those materials. From this viewpoint, the game's quite similar to Age of Empires!

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
The game resembles Age of Empires

The second part is the platforming actions. As the minions of the Younger God come, you'll throw yourself down and beat them. Take on the side-scrolling fight against various species like goblins or beastmen with a sword, a shield, and your magical archery skills.

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
Throw yourself into the side-scrolling battle with monsters

As you fight, you'll get new magical powers such as glacier shards throwing. Upgrade your power so that you can be mighty enough to stand in front of the Younger God!

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
There are many powerful enemies waiting.

However, you can't protect humankind forever. They must learn how to protect themselves, so you'll have to show them how to feed the population and build defense units such as warriors' barracks, archer towers, spike traps. The main goal is to stop the monsters from getting into the heart of the tribes - the bonfires!

Solseraph New Action Platformer Reminiscent Of Act
Build defense construction to prevent monsters from reaching bonfires

With the opening theme song from ActRaiser's composer -  Yuzo Koshiro, the game promises to bring us a lot of good nostalgia feelings of the SNES legend.

When can we get the game?

Publisher Sega has officially announced that SolSeraph will come out on July 10. The game supports a wide range of devices at launch, including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And PC through Steam.

The price of SolSeraph will be only $14.99, so don't miss your chance to play the ActRaiser's spiritual successor in high graphical quality!