The only one who likes microtransactions is game development companies. And in this upcoming Metroidvania game named SuperEpic from the developer Undercoders, players will have chances to beat a fictional the micro-transaction abusing company!

In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher Numskull Games also released a brand new trailer of the game. You can see the most unexpected duo in action in the video below:

The story of SuperEpic

SuperEpic takes the satirical approach to portray the problem of a fictional game economy system. The game takes place in the future dystopia, in which the whole community of Orwellian was under the control of a single corporation - Regnantcorp. It has influenced everyone in this society by adding addicting elements to their free games, making gamers totally dependent on them.

Well, mostly everyone. There are these two daring souls who don't want to live and play under the control of Regnantcorp. It was a raccoon and a llama, forming the most unlikely duo ever. Together, they'll set on their adventure of ramming through the headquarters of the game development corporation. Bringing video games to what we have known is their ultimate task.

Superepic An Upcoming Metroidvania Game About Defe
The raccoon-llama duo on their journey to save video games

As the bases of huge power in the society, the headquarters of Regnantcorp is a real-life castle-like office. The duo will have to get over many obstacles, defeating the pig employees and bosses one by one to defeat this empire.

Special gameplay features

As I've mentioned earlier, SuperEpic is a Metroidvania game, in which you'll take control of the raccoon-llama duo raiding the headquarters of Regnantcorp. In fact, it does contain the most outstanding elements of the genre, including leveling, looting, upgrading, and fluid combats.

Superepic An Upcoming Metroidvania Game About Defe
SuperEpic is Metroidvania-like game

First thing first, let's talk about the RPG elements. Even though the game features two protagonists, the raccoon will sit on the back of the llama all of the time. Hence, you won't have to wonder about how to control both of them at the same time. Together, the duo will have to get to the top of the office, slashing and shooting everything that stands in their way.

The funny thing about controlling this duo is that the raccoon will handle the hack-n-slash task, where the llama will help with movement and sometimes shoot enemies as well. First things first, the raccoon can wield any weapons that he has collected, and use them like a sword. From a baseball bat, a guitar to a warning sign and even a toy hammer, he can use all of them to smash and chop the machines and the corporate pigs down.

Superepic An Upcoming Metroidvania Game About Defe
Customize whatever you want to wield

But don't underestimate the llama. Even though he has a kind and peaceful face, he can unleash deadly shoot to deal with the foes that you can't afford to get close to. Furthermore, with the abilities to jump, double-jump and dash, it's very crucial to get you to the final levels.

Oh, I almost forget to mention SuperEpic is a combo-based game, in which you can bring your enemies to the air with an upper-slash, and perform lethal tempo to make them stay in the air to death. Slaying enemies stylishly will give you more money based on your performance, and you must spend them wisely, whether on HP, magic or stamina.

Superepic An Upcoming Metroidvania Game About Defe
Choose wisely what to spend your precious skill points on

Apart from those common features, the game also contains some surprising elements that you didn't expect. To be more specific, there are some hidden secrets in hidden places, which was locked by QR codes. In order to unveil them, you'll have to use your mobile phones to scan them, which will lead you to various mini-games based on HTML5, such as a Flappy Bird-like game in the trailer. Complete those challenges, you'll get the code to unlock the secrets.

Superepic An Upcoming Metroidvania Game About Defe
Not only play with PC, but you also have to use your mobile phones to unlock secrets as well

Last but not least, SuperEpic lets players enjoy these 16/32 bit experiences in two game modes. They are the normal ones to explore the story and the replayable roguelike mode to challenge yourself in the procedurally generated office.

Release date and supported platforms

This is the first announcement of SuperEpic, so we can't expect to have the official release date of the game yet. However, the publisher Numskull Games has announced that the game will launch at an unknown date in December 2019.

Superepic An Upcoming Metroidvania Game About Defe
The amazing duo is coming to your PC and consoles in December

At launch, the game will support PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam.