Devil Stone is the latest title from the Hong Kong-based developer Simplist Limited. The game is currently available on the Google Play with a reasonable price of $3.99. Good news is, unlike many modern RPG on mobile, Devil Stone has no in-app purchase. That means you will have only to pay for it once to get access to the full experience without any paywall.

Devil Stone
You can get the game on the Google Play

Devil Stone tells a story about the main character Phicus Sera. He is the true heir to the throne of the Underworld, and his power was taken away by the old Devil King. In order to collect the Devil Stone's fragments laying around the world and regain power, he must embark on an adventure into the world of human.

Players will come across lots of heroes who are willing to join your adventure. There will also be dangerous creatures to beat, a huge number of missions to accomplish, and various places to explore.

That sounds like a typical RPG, but Devil Stone does look fun and interesting right from the start. With a well-designed graphic in 3D polygonal style, players can expect another decent title on the mobile platform. The combat system will happen in the form of turn-based battles, are there are many features that RPG lovers would feel familiar.

Devil Stone 2
The in-game environment looks beautiful

Despite all the positive review about its visuals and gameplay, many players agree that Devil Stone is a bit short. The story is acceptable because it basically follows the tradition of JRPGs, but it's not long enough for an exciting experience. In fact, you can beat the game in approximately 5-6 hours, and there will be no post-story to explore after you finished it.

However, Devil Stone looks more appealing thanks to its "no microtransaction" policy. With only $3.99 (Rs 210), you can fully enjoy a beautiful adventure into a wonderful world. If you're into the old school, turn-based RPGs, this game is definitely worth checking out.

Devil Stone is now available for purchase on Google Play.