Rise Eterna is an RPG game inspired by the biggest classic RPG titles in the 90s. The game knows what the fans want and gives them everything that feeds their nostalgist. The developers don't even try to hide it as they describe Rise Eterna on the official website as "nostalgia on steroids" and confirmed that the game targets players who love Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. So if you happen to be one, this game is for you. Check out Rise Eterna trailer below.

The plot of the game is pretty standard among other RPG games. "Two lost souls" Lua and Natheal are trying to find the meaning of their life and the mysterious origin of Lua. On the journey, players can recruit up to 14 heroes with unique abilities to form their own party of up to 6 characters, the same as Fire Emblem. Apart from that, the developer also said there are other hidden characters who can drastically change your party and strategy.

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The field layout is the same as Final Fantasy Tactics

From the trailer, we can get a glimpse of how big the map is and the combat layout. The field is divided into grids and characters will take turns to move and fight just like Final Fantasy Tactics. When combat occurs, the game will zoom in on the characters who are fighting.

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You can recruit up to 14 heroes

One feature that sets Rise Eterna apart from its forerunner is many characters can join the battle at the same time in some cases.

Rise Eterna Trailer June 2019 0 23 Screenshot
When combat occurs, the game will zoom in on the characters who are fighting

The game also has a crafting system, gems, and loots after each battle, like a typical RPG game.

Rise Eterna is set to release on the second quarter of 2019 for PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.