TimeSpinner, which began since 2014 and was officially released with the version for PlayStation 4 and the PC and Vita last year, should have been played before Xbox One and Switch is released this week. Not until the previous Sunday when a code was offered in Slack – our work by Jason Schreire that I heard about it. It was suggested to appear on the marketing materials of the game officially and was said to be “basically Symphony of the Night”.



Lunais, who is a hero with blue hair, is chosen to be able to manipulate time, in favour of Dracula’s son. Soon after Timespinner’s mantle was taken up, the village where Lunais live suffers from invasion and Lachiem Empire – the evil murdered Lunais’ mother. In order to transport to another world long time ago, Lunais’ powers in Timespinner must be reclaimed by herself so that she is able to return to the current time and revenge. After the story unveils, it is eventually learnt by Lunais that nothing is simple like it may look and history is not right all the time.

Lunais The Main Character

Lunais – the main character

The path for Lunais seems to be full of obstacles as with the term used for SOTN’s description – Metroidvanias. With the ability of time travelling, she travels through the present and past anytime she wants and gradually uncovers every part of 2 sprawling maps which are different but still similar in some ways. There are ledges which can only be reached and accessed as long as our hero gets the power of double jumping. Afterwards, she can get the Water Mask which is a relic allowing Lunais to maneuver and breathe underwater. Occasionally, Lunais’ path is also blocked with many mundane means such as petrifies vines or keycards which are able to burn in not the future but the past.

There is also many returning. Luckily, the movement and combat of Timespinner are very excellent. Due to the sticky and good friction, tricky jumps are easy to be made pulled off. Her movement of pirouetting double jumping is not only lovely but also helps explore and avoid the enemy. And just like some kind of young vampire, Lunais also gets a sliding movement.

During battle, she uses a couple of orbs which are able to be leveled up and swapped out. At the moment, I own one spawning out a small sword when attacking and also another which can shoot fireballs. Both of them are augmented thanks to a Scythe Ring, improving the orbs with spinning blades so that anything contacting with her will be damaged. Eventually, functioned as the magic power of mine is Colossal Blade necklace which spawns exactly like the sound in combat with a massive attack.

Bopping in the maps through the future and the past is never boring. Especially when she is able to travel fast to the rooms with a special gate which are scattered thorough the game. Enemies are often out-leveled so that in case that it is a little too strong to explore and fight and so on, fighting with boss is a lot less so.

All Boss Fights

All boss fights

Although this new switch game does a quite good job in imitating SOTN, spinning time separately from switching maps is not very good. Lunais is able to freeze others’ actions temporarily depending on the sand quantity in the hourglass in the screen’s corner at the top left. Enemies turn into platforms when being frozen, which seems to good for exploring places that cannot be reached, however, it seems to be never necessary. Instead of doing intentionally, the freeze time button has been hit more by chance.

Symphony Of The Night

Symphony Of The Night

Even though time control in Timespinner seems to be an afterthought, it’s still good when the previous thought is Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.