Langrisser is a mobile RPG that just got a global launch recently and has been causing a fuzz all over the mobile gaming scene. So what exactly does it has to offer?

Now, the name “Langrisser” might not sound familiar to everybody, but to hardcore fans of Japanese Tactical RPGs, the franchise is every bit as massive as Fire Emblem, both in terms of reputation and history.

Langrisser Mobile Global Trailer

It seems that developer Zlongames has gone all in with this latest addition to its long-running franchise, recruiting over 30 renowned voiceover artists, including Ryotaro Okiayu, a veteran who has participated in countless games and anime, and Noriyuki Iwadare, the music composer who also worked on the original Langrisser way back in 1991.

And the result of all this effort is evident: Langrisser Mobile is a breathtaking mobile title, with dazzling character art, a detailed 3D world map, and top-notch soundtracks. The English voiceover for the global release is solid too, which is a big plus since other JRPGs often don’t invest as much into language translation.

Gacha a-go-go

When it comes to gameplay, RPG fans both old and new should feel like at home with Langrisser Mobile, as it combines the tight, story-driven tactical gameplay of the classic JRPGs – including a remarkable 300 levels from other games of the franchise – with the gacha mechanics of modern mobile titles.

The story sees you embark on an adventure alongside several unique and engaging heroes such as Elwin, Cherie, Leon, Ledin, Bernhardt, Dieharte, and many others to search for the legendary sword Langrisser. While this might sound rather cliché, the actual progress is anything but linear. There will be tons of side quests along the way for you to earn extra rewards as well as XP.

Langrisser Characters

Of course, being a tactical RPG, Langrisser employs a turn-based combat system. Upon entering a fight, you are put into a planning phase in which you can check out the enemy’s forces and rearrange yours accordingly. The game features several types of units, which follow the rock-paper-scissors rule, meaning each type is strong against another one and weak against another. To be specific, cavalry in Langrisser Mobile has an advantage over infantry but is countered by lancers, who are in turn less effective against infantry. There are also fliers, which are strong against most units. However, they need to keep an eye out for archers.

Preparing the troops

Once you’ve put your troops into position, the battle will officially begin. You and your opponent take turns to move units around, attack, and perform skills. Each side only has a limited number of turns, so you must make the most out of them.

Langrisser Battle

The battlefields vary in size and setting, and some can have special effects on specific unit types. For instance, when fighting in the woods, the movement of cavalry will be hindered, but infantry troops are not affected by this. Knowing these effects and utilizing them strategically will be the key to victory.

After each battle, you will earn a chest of random loot, which can be used to summon new heroes, upgrade existing ones, or craft new weapons.

A Tactical RPG to savor

Langrisser Mobile has an in-depth progression system that allows you to develop your characters in multiple ways. For example, a character of the fighter class can later choose to become a swordsman, a sniper, or a dragon knight. Moreover, each of these advanced classes has further progression paths as well. This helps bring a sense of dynamism to the game, as you can change the role of a character over the course of the game.

Langrisser Class Upgrade

Besides all that, Langrisser Mobile also has a friend system, chat, and PvP, pretty much everything you’d expect from a modern mobile MMORPG. The main campaign alone is massive, and there are also hundreds of Time Rift stages for you to complete. You should never want for things to do in this game.

But that is not to say Langrisser just cramped tons of empty content into one game. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Quality-over-quantity seems to be the motto if this game. You can get it on Google Play right now.